Prom for 2014: Let There Be White


Cary, NC – Spring break has come and gone and Prom invites are in high gear. What will young women be wearing to Prom in 2014? Chances are it will be White and Glitzy.

Prom 2014 – All About White

Laura Mitsvin, Assistant Store manager for the Belk at Crabtree Valley Mall, says girls usually come into the store looking for a color and this season it’s all about white. Her special occasion dress department had plenty of colors in long dresses available, but white was selling best. Racks of coral and pink were stuffed with styles that were appealing, but the girls weren’t buying.

Has to Be Long

Another item they weren’t trying: anything short. Everyone wants long dresses for prom this year.

Prints aren’t selling either. Most dresses are solid with lots of beading . Glamour is a top priority for the high school set. For whom Prom is their first foray into the “all about the dress” moment.

Styles  Trends:


Asymmetrical Designs

Whether that’s a one shoulder dress, or a one strap dress with lots of beading are very important.

low back

Low Backs

Almost every dress showed this key trend. Many parents may be skeptical, but almost every dress that was selling had a dramatically low back.

more glitz


There is beading and sequins on everything. You will find beads at the waistline, necklines, and all-over the skirt.

Very Few Prints

Gone were the watercolor prints from a few years ago. The prints that we did see, were mostly subtle ombre designs blending from pink to aqua or black to silver at the hem.


CaryCitizen saw lots of color on the floor, but its not selling. Racks of coral and pink were in over abundance and headed for markdowns. Purple was still good, as was black and red. But white and creme ruled the day with the occasional gold.


Shapes are Fitted

Mermaid hems and tight-fitting. Dress shapes that hug the body, with a flare as the skirt hits the floor.

Hit the Gym and the Tanning Bed

My advice for these Prom-bound girls, if the most popular styles are white, tight fitting with a low back? Hit the tanning bed and the gym – the styles aren’t for the timid. White is a tough color on most skin types, and couple that with a tight fit? Maybe good foundation garments are a must.

Special thanks to Laura M and Michel Dickey from Belk, the South’s Dress address.


Lindsey Chester designed women’s sportswear for 15 years in New York’s Fashion Center. She brings a unique take on fashion trends with an insider’s perspective.

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  1. dwight
    dwight says:

    why stop at the tanning bed? Don’t be afraid to throw up your lunch to get that perfect fit! A nice cigarette or two before breakfast can help you develop that smoky voice the boys love so much.

    -disappointing Ms. Chester. Are you aware of how many US States ban tanning bed use by minors? I find this very irresponsible.

  2. K G
    K G says:

    It is irresponsible and in poor taste to tell these teenage girls to “hit a tanning bed” given the well known health hazards associated with tanning beds and their harmful rays. If they must be tan, try a tinted lotion or spray tan treatment. It is a terrible idea to subject oneself to the health risks associated with tanning beds for any occasion, much less a high school prom. Ugh! I can’t believe I just read that.

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