Business: Olde Loft Replaces Fat Sounds


Cary, NC — Cary has a new antique store called Olde Loft. They’re located on Chapel Hill Road in the spot formerly occupied by Fat Sounds.

Olde Loft Replaces Fat Sounds

It was a sad day for local musicians when Fat Sounds closed its doors. But the retail location on Chapel Hill Road between Maximillian’s and Woody’s didn’t stay vacant for long.

Olde Loft Antiques has been open for about four months. One of the owners told me that they had previously been operating their business at the State Fairgrounds weekend market.


Antiques and Collectibles

In some antique stores, you’re afraid to touch anything. Not so at Olde Loft.

You’ll find $5 and $10 dollar collectible items, souvenir merchandise from the past. But you’ll also find china, furniture and objets d’art worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

It’s all jumbled together at Olde Loft, and that’s the fun – browsing around looking for treasures.

From Ann H via Yelp:

Olde Loft, recently opened, is a fascinating store.  There are definitely antiques — both 19th and 20th century — here.  It’s unusual, however, in that nearly everything is of a manageable size.  Many antique places have those huge pieces that, while beautiful, are almost impossible to work inside an average home.

Olde Loft has a few of those items, but most everything else would easily fit nearly anywhere.   The spinning wheel, the victrola, and original singer sewing machine are in great condition.  There isn’t a lot of glassware, thankfully, but there are plenty of knickknacks in good condition.  Olde Loft is an everyman store of things culled from the average person’s home.


Stop In

Aside from Yelp, there’s not on the web about Olde Loft – no website, Facebook page, just not much info.

So you’ll have to stop in. If you like antique browsing.

Also in Downtown Cary: Lucky Pie, Gather, The Perfect Piece, Purple Polka Dot and Elizabeth’s. Stop for lunch at Academy Street Bistro and make a day of it.

Olde Loft
8316 Chapel Hill Rd
Cary, NC 27513

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