Annie’s Attic is Back in Downtown

Rebecca Chapman and her daughter Peyton at her new store, Annie's Attic

Rebecca Chapman and her daughter Peyton at her new store, Annie’s Attic

Cary, NC — After a four year hiatus, Rebecca Chapman has brought her consignment boutique, Annie’s Attic, back to Downtown Cary. It’s right next door to Ashworth Drugs at the corner of Chatham and Academy.

The Original Annie’s Attic

Rebecca operated  Annie’s Attic from 1998- 2010 in first one, and then another shop within Ashworth Village, right after that center opened. In fact, she was one of the first tenants.

But when there were some health issues in her family and her daughter was younger, she felt it was time to take a step back from retail. She maintained her brand, and continued to sell clothing through her website.

Return to Downtown Cary

As Downtown started to blossom, Rebecca decided it was time to get back in, and, as she began looking for space, she heard that Beautimous Beads would be closing.

In February, Rebecca talked with the previous owner and the landlord and jumped at the chance to sign a lease for the location. The store opened March 8, 2014 after a whirlwind renovation. She wanted to be sure she didn’t miss the start of the Spring buying season.

The New Annie’s Attic

A large mailing of several thousand postcards to previous clients and customers got her phone ringing and the store began to fill the store with consigned ladies apparel and accessories.

The store is organized by type of item (shoes together, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses), then by size, and finally by color. It is very easy to find what you are looking for.

Some of the most popular items in the store are designer shoes and handbags, as well as jewelry. Rebecca said that even if a customer isn’t happy with their current clothing size, fit isn’t an issue with accessories.

The clothing all looks brand new, even though it has been brought to the store by a consignor. That’s because Rebecca is very particular about what she will take in. Consignors must bring in clothing that is freshly laundered, or dry cleaned, pressed, no stains, and a recent style. The store does not take in items from discounters, but focuses on the high-end brands she was known for in the past, including Lilly Pulitzer, Loft, Tori Burch, Banana Republic, J Crew, and Anthropology.

inside store

A Life Story of Consignment

CaryCitizen asked Rebecca how she got into consigning. Originally from Greensboro, “I grew up without a lot of money, and I had to wear hand-me downs and clothes from yard sales. And it bothered me at first.” But then, “I realized I was fortunate because I could wear unique items.”

In her 20’s, she held a fast-paced corporate job that required a lot of travel. When she would be in other cities during the 1990’s, she would always check out high-end consignment shops and wonder why the Triangle didn’t have anything like them.

Finally, she tired of her career and decided to open her own store in Cary with her idea of a great place to shop for unique women’s clothing.”Women go to consignment and can find the clothes that work for them,” especially because her clients come from all over the place, and bring with them clothing from their travels.

Whether you are a teen, a young adult starting a career, a mom or a grandmother, there will be something in Annie’s Attic for you. Sizes include 0 to plus sizes. No plans yet for a men’s store or maternity.

The Annie's Attic storefront on West Chatham Street in Downtown Cary

The Annie’s Attic storefront on West Chatham Street in Downtown Cary


Story and photos by Lindsey Chester. The Downtown Column is sponsored in part by the Heart of Cary Association.


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    Glad to see Annie’s Attic back in Downtown. Rebecca presents and prices her merchandise attractively and can always be counted on to greet those visiting her store with a smile. I wish her much success.

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