Daily Grind is Open for Business


Cary, NC – Don’t let the sign fool you, It’s A Grind has long since left NC. Here’s a peek at a new locally owned coffee shop, Daily Grind.

Like A Phoenix, but with Coffee Grounds

It’s A Grind is gone, having closed up all of its North Carolina locations, and retreated back west.

The funny thing is that this isn’t a recent development; they closed shops here more than two years back. “Well, wait,” you might be thinking, “what about that store in Stone Creek? That’s still there, right?” Yes, actually, it is.

Just as the stores were on their way out, Mike Ahmad, an entrepreneur from Charlotte, took over with his brother. He purchased the franchise, contract and all, and has kept the store open for these couple of years.

Now, the contract is up. Just a few weeks ago, June 28 to be exact, the store came firmly under the control of the Ahmad family. Since then, Daily Grind has been open for business.

Let it Shine at Daily Grind

And the differences are quite apparent. I remember It’s A Grind being a dark place, perfect for brooding over a warm drink, with dark colored walls and heavy shades on the windows.

Nowadays, the place has ceased to be a haven for cave dwellers and lovers of dark spaces. The walls are now a bright color accentuated with unobstructed windows. The store feels roomier as a result. Despite the new color, however, the walls remain bare but not for long, according to Mr. Ahmad. Soon enough, they’ll be filled with pictures from local artists; a new venue from which painters and the like can showcase their creations. Live music can also be found there once a month.

Need a Bite?

Mike has turned the store into more than just a coffee shop, but a breakfast and lunch location as well. Sandwiches and crepes along with salads and omelets can be purchased alongside their signature coffee, which is one of the few things that hasn’t changed.

So what’s the go-to food at Daily Grind? According to Mike, that would be the California Crepe, a savory crepe-wrap that comes with eggs, turkey sausage, Gruyere cheese, arugula with pesto and, to make it officially Californian, avocado.

But when I asked what Mike tends to get, he says the chicken crepe. Both, to me at least, sound delicious and for the price, they are well worth it. With some cheaper exceptions, most items on the menu are between the seven to eight dollar price range.

If you want to see the menu along with more information, you should visit the Daily Grind website at www.dailygrindnc.com. Also worth checking out is their second location along Chapel Hill Road by the Wal-Mart.




Story by Matt Posek. Photos by Hal Goodtree.