The 56th Annual Cary Band Day

56th Annual Cary Band Day

Cary, NC — 41 bands from all over North Carolina will compete in Cary’s 56th Annual Band Day on November 1, 2014.

A Tradition

Cary Band Day is one of the oldest and best-known competitions in the Southeast. This longstanding tradition, now in its 56th year, is always looked forward to and supported by the Town of Cary and its citizens. Held at the end of marching band season, the competition showcases the hard work of students from all over North Carolina (and even Virginia).

The Competition

This Saturday, bands will be performing all day from 10 am until just before midnight. The show schedule highlights the exact time that each band will play and allows time slots for the national anthem, breaks for judges, and the presentation of awards.

This year’s show will feature top judges from around the region, two awards ceremonies, on-sight instrument repair, a directors’ hospitality room, and a multitude of volunteers and staff to help the the event run smoothly and to ensure the comfort of guests.

Community-Wide Support

Without a doubt, Cary Band Day highlights the talent and hard work of high school marching bands–but the longstanding event is so much more than that. It is the support of band directors, staff, family, friends, volunteers, and the community at large that make Cary Band Day special–and possible.

Crowds of supporters fill the stands each year at Cary High School to support marching bands.

Crowds of supporters fill the stands each year at Cary High School to support marching bands.

Supportive, enthusiastic community members will cheer on the marching bands this Saturday. Many volunteers and spectators will arrive at Cary High School at dawn and not leave until the event’s clean-up is finished. This event requires a large number of volunteers to help out in many different areas, including the competition’s set-up, concession stand, security, water stations, parking, and more.

Join Cary High School this weekend to be a part of this outstanding occasion–and to hear some great music!

56th Annual Cary Band Day

Saturday, November 1, 2014
Cary High School
Performances start at 10 am

$8 Adults
$3 Ages 65+
Free Ages 10 & under

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Story by Jessica Patrick. Photos from the Cary Band website.


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