Beekeeping Workshop This Weekend


Cary, NC — We already know that Garden Supply Company isn’t your average nursery. In addition to outdoor gardening supplies, the store carries distinctive gifts, home decor, fun classes, a terrarium station, and…bees?

Beekeeping at Garden Supply Co.

That’s right. Garden Supply now sells everything a beginner needs to make his or her own beehive. Keith Ramsey, who co-owns Garden Supply with his wife Deborah, started this project to address the pollination issues that gardeners often face. He told me that:

Beekeeping has a strong tie to gardening. I tried to grow zucchini squash for three years and didn’t get one out of it, and it was because of the lack of pollination. Last year [with beehives in the garden] we had more squash than we could get rid of.


Garden Supply carries everything you need to create a beehive.

Garden Supply can assist customers with beekeeping as as much or as little as they’d like (from just going over the basics to assembling, delivering and maintaining a beehive for their garden).

An Aquarium for Your Garden

A community of bees can help your garden, that’s for sure, but what are the other benefits?

I was surprised to learn that beekeeping is an easy hobby. Keith told me that “you have to commit very little time to it.” He also convinced me that anyone can do it and that, rather than being nerve-wrecking, it’s actually a very relaxing activity. He explained:

When I first started [beekeeping], there was a fear factor, and then, once I got over that, it was very very much like having an aquarium. You get to walk by, check it out and watch the different interactions. Now, when I open up the hive, I go through the steps and I’m comfortable with it. It’s almost the sound of running water. It’s that white noise, the buzzing. The bees are all around you but the fear is completely gone.

Beekeeping Workshop This Weekend

In only ten minutes, Keith convinced me that anyone can start a beehive in their yard. This weekend, he’ll host a workshop that covers the basics for beginners, like how to set up a starter hive, what equiptment you need, the best time to start one, and basic maintenance.

He’ll even teach participants how to open a three pound box of 100,000 bees!

Event Details

Beekeeping for Beginners
Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 10 am
Garden Supply Co., 1421 Old Apex Road, Cary

The workshop is free, but call 919-460-7747 to sign up.


Story and photos by Jessica Patrick. Lead photo by TJ Gehling.