Strawberry Picking in Cary: Where to Go


Cary, NC — If you’re planning to go strawberry picking this season, right now is the time to do it. I rounded up a list of some great spots in and around Cary.

Strawberry Picking Season Starts Now

It’s strawberry picking season, alright. One look at the strawberry-filled tables at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market last Saturday made that clear.


Dean’s strawberries were on sale at last Saturday’s Downtown Cary market.

When exactly is strawberry picking season? The general rule is late April-late May, but some farms open earlier or later than others. The next two weeks are the peak of the season–all of the nearby strawberry farms are open, and now is the time to go.

Where Can I Pick Strawberries?

Good question. Here are some strawberry-picking farms in and around Cary. Each farm recommends calling before you drive over to make sure that there are plenty of strawberries available. If you plan to pick berries on a weekend, get there as early as possible.

Some farms provide baskets; some ask you to bring your own. Bringing one is your best bet.

Nearby Strawberry Farms

Jean’s Berry Patch, 38 Lewter Shop Road, Apex, 919-362-5800
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am-7:30 pm; Saturday 7:30 am until picked over

Phillip’s Farms, 6701 Good Hope Church Road, Cary
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm; Sunday 1 pm-6 pm
Family Fun Park Hours: Saturdays 10 am-6 pm; Sundays 1 pm-6 pm

DJ’s Berry Patch, 1223 Salem Church Road, Apex, 919-600-4020
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm; Sunday 12 pm-7 pm

Buckwheat Farm2700 Holland Road, Apex, 919-303-0339
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm; Sunday 10 am-5 pm

Page Farms6100 Mt. Herman Road, Raleigh, 919-596-3227
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm; Sunday 10 am-6 pm

Porter Farms7615 Ten-Ten Road, Raleigh, 919-442-7920
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm; Sunday 12 pm-6 pm

Waller Family Farm, 5030 Kerley Road, Durham, 919-225-4305
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm

Strawberry Picking Tips

  • Wear long pants and durable shoes.
  • Bring your own basket (just in case) and a camera–it’s a great photo opp.
  • When you get home, store the berries in an open container in the refrigerator.
  • Don’t wash them until right before you use them.

Check Back for Recipes

I’m known for picking a lot of strawberries. That’s because, in addition to just eating them, I like to make dozens of jars of homemade preserves to enjoy with toast in the morning and to give away to friends and family. I also have to make my favorite dessert, strawberry pie.

I plan to take my own advice and visit the strawberry fields this weekend, so stay tuned for strawberry season recipes in the next two weeks.


Story by Jessica Patrick. Lead photo by Manchester-Monkey. Other photo by Lindsey Chester.