Fitness: My FIT10N Workout Experience


Morrisville, NC — Right now, Active Bodez Gym in Morrisville is promoting a new contest, the Fit Team Challenge. Winners of the challenge will receive one year of “Fit10N” small group personal training classes. I decided to try out a Fit10N class myself to see what it’s like. 

What is FIT10N?

Fit10N is a small group workout led by a personal trainer at Active Bodez Gym in Morrisville. The workout is perfect for people with full schedules who need a fast, yet super-effective, workout.

Basically, in a group of five people or less, you’ll workout with one personal trainer. You can work out for 10 minutes or for 60 minutes, but most people pick three different routines for a 30 minute workout. In each 10 minute session, you’ll target one area of the body (or one fitness goal, like cardio) with a variety of moves and tiny rest sessions in-between.

10 minutes pass quickly, because you’re “switching it up” the whole time.

My Personal Experience

I’ve tried to spend 30 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical–but I find it boring. I’d love to run or hike outside everyday instead, but my schedule doesn’t always allow for that.

Because of this, lately, I’ve really gotten into group classes and high-intensity workouts. I’ve found that they’re the most fun, and the most efficient, way to workout indoors.

My First FIT10N Class

Just like that, I was in and out of Active Bodez in 30 minutes, and I know that my time was spent wisely. With my friend Ashley and my laid-back, motivating personal trainer, Alexius, I completed 10 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of total body toning and 10 minutes of core/abs work.


I spent 10 minutes on a treadmill alternating between six different heart rate zones.

The best part was that I was never bored, because I didn’t have time to be. Even though I spent 10 minutes on a treadmill for the cardio portion of the workout, Alexius took me through six different heart rate intervals (based on my age). I was constantly speeding up and slowing down to stay within each interval’s limits–it was almost like a game, and time flew by.

Same thing with the abs and total body portions – even though I focused on each for 10 minutes, I switched it up with 10 different workouts in that time period. It’s impossible to get bored or frustrated with an exercise if you’re only doing it for under a minute!

Enter to Win Unlimited FIT10N Classes

Right now, with a limited-time Active Bodez challenge, you can do these FIT10N workouts with a team for three months to be considered to win a free year of them. The winner of the Fit Team Challenge will receive one year of unlimited Fit10N small group personal training, a value of over $2,400. You can enter to win by doing the following:

  • Put together a team of family, friends, coworkers, etc. who want to lose weight, get healthier and more fit and become stronger this summer by June 26, 2015 (register here).
  • Starting Friday, June 26, 2015, 20 captains and their teams will receive up to three months of 90 minutes per week FIT10N classes.
  • The winner will be the captain with the most teammates after three months.

Find Out More

Find out more about the Fit Team Challenge, or about the Active Bodez gym in general, online.


Story and photos by Jessica Patrick.