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Education: Wake Academy Opens in Cary

Wake Academy

Cary, NC — We reached out to Lissy Wood, founder at Cary’s new Wake Academy, to learn more about what the school can offer kids and families.

Wake Academy Opens in Cary

Wake Academy just opened in Cary in July of 2015. The new school, which is located near the intersection of Evans Road and Cary Parkway, is designed to meet the needs of higher level or academically gifted learners in kindergarten up to fourth grade.

Founder Lissy Wood is a mom and grew up in Cary herself. “I love the town,” she told us. “I was happy to find a great location for the school in Cary.”

Wake Academy

Wake Academy

Small Classes for Higher Level Learners

Wood told me that Wake Academy is the only school in the Triangle specifically designed to meet the needs of higher level learners. “We have structured our learning environment to provide a safe, comfortable and adaptable place for students who are academically gifted,” she said.

The academy features small classes, strong emphasis on STEM (science/ technology/ engineering/ mathematics), enrichment opportunities and individualized learning based on the strength of students. Hands-on experiences are a part of everyday learning as students practice physical fitness and health, art, science and more.

The environment is colorful, bright and relaxing to ensure that kids feel comfortable and anxiety-free while learning. “We love teaching, and this is an amazing place for students,” Wood said.

Wake Academy

Wake Academy

Resources for Parents

Wake Academy makes it a priority to provide resources to parents outside of school.

“We host information sessions for anyone in the community to come and learn about raising academically gifted students,” Wood said. “We also have Saturday enrichment programs. We love reaching out and giving advice and assurance to parents in the area.”

Contact Wake Academy

The next parent information session will be held on October 12, 2015. At that session, or online, you can find more information about Wake Academy’s admission process.

Wake Academy is located in Cary at 107 Quade Drive.

Wake Academy


Story from staff reports. Photos from Wake Academy.

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