The Cary Scavenger Hunt: Meet the Judges

Cary, NC — Did you know that you can rub shoulders with Cary’s celebrities at the Cary Scavenger Hunt? They’re not movie stars, but, without them, Cary wouldn’t be what it is today. 

Cary’s Celebrities

In the past, we have had mayors, town council people, police and fire chiefs as well as Class A town staff who keep the town running. This year is no different.

Our judges will take your clue books, decide if your answers are right or wrong and score your points. It’s a tough job, but they are up to the challenge.

Maybe you can ask about some pressing town business while you’re there?

Introducing the 2015 Judges…

  • Lyman Collins, The Town of Cary’s Cultural Arts Manager
  • Nancy Caggia, who is currently serving on the Town’s Planning & Zoning Committee and who is also running for Town Council District D
  • Allan Cain, The Town’s Fire Chief
  • Meredith Chandler, Town Planner
  • Marla Dorrel, former Town Councilwoman and Chair of the Kids Together non-profit
  • Don Frantz, serving as Town Councilman for Cary’s District B and running for re-election
  • Tony Godwin, the New Chief of Police
  • Howard Manning, the President of Dorcas Ministries
  • Doug McRainey, Town of Cary’s Parks and Recreation Department Manager
  • Brent Miller, past-President of the Friends of Page-Walker
  • Susanne Portonova, House Manager & Program Assistant for the Cary Arts Center
  • Jennifer Robinson, Town Councilwoman for District A
  • Peggy Van Scoyac, Town Historian and Author
  • Jack Smith, Town Councilman for District C
  • Mark Stohlman, Mayor of Morrisville
  • Doc Thorne, owner of the Cary Invasion Professional Basketball team and past-President of the Heart of Cary Association
  • Glenda Westbrook, owner of Cary Pottery
  • Ed Yerha, Town Councilman At-Large
Joy Pike (standing) serves as our Chief Judge during the Cary Scavenger Hunt

Joy Pike (standing) serves as our Chief Judge during the Cary Scavenger Hunt

Other Awesome Volunteers

Assisting our judges will be Joy Pike, past winner of Cary’s Hometown Spirit Award, Chair of the Ole Time Winter festival and participant in numerous other causes and events – much too numerous to mention! As Chief Judge, she will rule on any questions that may come up.

You may also meet Ian Henshaw, Founder of Cary’s Co-Working Space, as you wait to be judged. Our check-in team includes Barbara Shepard, President of Cary’s Sister Cities Association, and her husband Phil Shepard, Chair of the Cultural Arts Committee as well as David Lindquist, Chair of the Parks & Rec Committee.

Other gracious volunteers include Joy’s husband Dan Pike, Beth Hunt, David Prins and our own Jessica Patrick and Jillian Goodtree. You will meet Hal Goodtree and myself there, too!

Our Scoring Team

We have scoring help once again from the team of the Forge Downtown (formerly Wake Robotics). This team of students has programmed a simple way for our judges to take the scores and input them into computers so that everyone can view their team ranking and scores in real time during the event. Computers are donated by Kramden Institute for our use during the event.

Dan Pike and Lindsey Chester keeping it moving at the 2014 Cary Scavenger Hunt

Dan Pike and Lindsey Chester keeping it moving at the 2014 Cary Scavenger Hunt

Now that you have heard the hints and met the judges, what are you waiting for?

Get a team, come up with a goofy name and register today!

Event Details

The Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, September 12, 2015
The Page Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop in Downtown Cary

  • Check-in – 8:30-9:15 am
  • Teams depart – 9:30 am
  • Teams return – 1:30 pm
  • Winners announced – 3-3:30 pm

Register now – registration is $5 for a team of four


Story by Lindsey Chester. Photos from CaryCitizen files.

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  1. doc thorne
    doc thorne says:

    What a great event for new as well as long-time Cary-ites! Every year it just keeps getting better and more fun. I look forward to the Scavenger Hunt every year and thank you all for allowing me to be a part of it.

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