Photos: Gregg Allman Concert at Booth Amphitheatre

Greg Allman4

Cary, NC — We sent photographer Tom Mousseau out to the Gregg Allman concert at Booth Amphitheatre on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Gregg Allman Concert at Booth Amphitheatre

Famous singer/songwriter and musician Gregg Allman was in Cary this week.

Gregg Allman started performing in 1965 and has been rocking ever since, though his career really took off in the 70’s and 80’s. Allman, who is now 67, was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and his music is a blend of blues, country, southern rock and even gospel.

Greg Allman11

As you see in the photo above, his hair is still long – his classic style. That’s a great close-up, especially since Tom told us he couldn’t get as close as he wanted.

Photos of the Band

Enjoy these other colorful photos of Gregg Allman’s band.

Greg Allman10

Greg Allman9

Greg Allman8

Greg Allman7

Greg Allman6

Greg Allman5

Greg Allman3

Greg Allman2

Greg Allman

What’s Next at Booth Amphitheatre?

The Gregg Allman show was one of the last of their summer season.

The good news is that there’s a lot more to come – keep reading CaryCitizen for details on the upcoming $5 Pickin’ in the Pines bluegrass series, the Chinese Lantern Festival (a new holiday tradition in Cary) and more. We love this venue – it’s beautiful and easy to get in and out of. Check the CaryCitizen calendar for details on more upcoming events.


Photos by Tom Mousseau.