Lori Bush

Candidate Questionnaire: Lori Bush

Lori Bush

Cary, NC — This is the third installment of our Candidate 2015 series, in which candidates get to respond in their own words to the same three questions.

As usual, we publish the responses in the order we receive them. Next up is Lori Bush, running unopposed as the incumbent for the At-Large seat in Cary Town Council.

Candidate Questionnaire

As we have done in previous election cycles, we sent a list of three short questions to all the candidates for office in Cary. We do not edit the answers but provide a forum for the candidates to speak to our readers in their own words.

We encourage all citizens to go to the polls in Cary on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

Lori Bush

Q1 – Why are you running?

It’s a privilege and honor to serve the citizens of Cary as an At-Large Representative on the Town Council. In a second term I will continue to support and champion open government, technology adoption, environmental protection and citizen involvement. Cary is moving in the right direction and I want to continue that momentum.

Cary remains one of the safest towns in the nation and one of the best places to live, work, raise a family and do business. Together we can make it even better.

Q2 – What are your top three priorities and how will you accomplish them?

I have worked hard over the last 4 years to deliver on my promise to ensure that Cary maintains our high quality of life while always making sure we are a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and ages. My top priorities include:

Promote citizen involvement and open government. Our citizens are highly engaged in our community and you are what makes Cary great!

Using technology advancements to improve our town. I will continue to advocate for technologies that can engage all of our citizens — from Google Fiber and broadband services, to Open Data and new apps, Cary will lead the way in leveraging technology for public good.

Protect our environment while fostering sustainable economic growth. I will continue to work to attract good jobs to Cary, be an excellent steward of taxpayers’ money and advocate for balanced growth that is appropriate and supported by infrastructure. I am passionate about protecting our environment and advancing sustainability. I have been a champion for clean air and water and sustainable development, ensuring our town is a leader in wise use of our resources.

Q3 – Give us a brief bio and tell us about your relevant experience.

A resident of Cary for the last 18 years, Lori Bush has been a Town Council member since 2011. She has participated in numerous citizens and non-profit organizations, including Cary’s Planning and Zoning Board, Site Design Focus Group and chairing the Cary Task Force for Issue Advisory Groups.

She was president of the Preston Village Homeowners Association, served as chair of the Wake County Information Technology Advisory Committee, a Trustee on the Board of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, secretary of the National Cyber Security Alliance and Executive Board member of the National Institute of Urban Search and Rescue and on the NC State, Hunt Library Technology Advisory Board.

Lori and her husband Greg have two children who both attended Wake County public schools, and she is an active participant in her community. She is currently employed by Cisco Systems, Inc. as a technical lead for Education and Learning products.

Candidate Information

Email: loribushtoc@gmail.com
Website: LoriBush.org
Facebook: LoriForCary
Twitter: @LoriBush



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