Maria Cervania

Candidate Questionnaire: Maria Cervania

Maria Cervania

Cary, NC — This is the ninth and final installment of our Candidate 2015 series, in which candidates get to respond in their own words to the same three questions.

As usual, we publish the responses in the order we receive them. Our last candidate is Maria Cervania, running for the currently vacant District D seat on Cary Town Council.

Candidate Questionnaire

As we have done in previous election cycles, we sent a list of three short questions to all the candidates for office in Cary. We do not edit the answers but provide a forum for the candidates to speak to our readers in their own words.

We encourage all citizens to go to the polls in Cary on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

Maria Cervania

Q1 – Why are you running?

Cary needs a representative who will both complement the experience that has made our town great and provide a fresh perspective for its future. We need a new energy to engage our citizens who built Cary, and, at the same time, a voice for the people have recently moved here from outside North Carolina, the South, and even, the United States.

I will work hard everyday to ensure that our town council works for all of Cary. I will take care of what we value, be open about our work, seek collaboration, and be responsive in this dynamic, evolving environment. Ultimately, our most important goal will be in the forefront: a better Cary.

Q2 – What are your top three priorities and how will you accomplish them?

Intelligent Growth: I believe in a holistic, coordinated approach to growth. Decisions made by the Cary Town Council about growth affects our schools, neighborhoods and roads. The outcomes should be focused on preserving our quality of life and building a sustainable future.

  • We need to do our part to avert any negative impact on our schools, teachers and students. It is also essential to maintain a strong relationship with our State-level decision makers and the Wake County School System. We must clearly communicate the needs of our children to ensure their best possible education.
  • The work done by the Cary Town Council and the Town of Cary staff impacts our neighborhoods We must care for our town’s vital services so that Cary may continue to be one of the best towns in America and the world.
  • It is increasingly difficult to safely drive and bike on our roads. We have to make ourselves and all responsible entities accountable towards solutions.

Flourishing Local Economy: Let’s have a vibrant Cary by building a flourishing local economy.  Supporting our local businesses invests in our neighbors and shows that we believe in them. Plus, it puts money back into our community.

Lasting Community Engagement: Beyond asking for input, it is important to have ongoing, permanent relationships with citizens in the community so that we may identify issues, agree on solutions, evaluate success and share results. Through community engagement, we can collaborate on what is truly best for Cary.

Q3 – Give us a brief bio and tell us about your relevant experience.

  • Born in the Silicon Valley and proud daughter of a United States Navy Veteran
  • Graduate of the University of California at Berkeley
  • Master’s degree candidate at the University of Illinois – School of Public Health
  • Wife of over 10 years to husband, Jon
  • Church affiliation: Roman Catholic
  • Medic at a free clinic and Coordinator at a YMCA
  • Former President of the American Public Health Association Student Caucus and Editorial Board Member of the American Journal of Public Health
  • 12 years of public service receiving a Department of Family and Protective Services Commissioner’s Vision Award and a graduate of the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Leadership Institute
  • Project Manager, Business Improvement Specialist, Performance Management Analyst and Statistician
  • Community Organizer, Neighborhood Team Leader and co-Precinct Leader of Wake County Precinct 20-10
  • Vice-Chair of the Wake County Asian American/Pacific Islander Caucus
  • Founder, Cal (Berkeley) Alumni of the Triangle
  • Board Member, Berkeley Homeowners Association

Candidate Information

Facebook: CervaniaForCary
Twitter: @mcervania


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