Restaurant: Himalayan Nepali Cuisine


Cary, NC — A couple of weeks ago, we talked about a Salvadoran restaurant in Cary. Today, let’s turn our attention to a place that serves Himalayan Nepali cuisine.

Himalayan Nepali Cuisine in Cary

Himalayan Nepali Cuisine is, in fact, the name of the restaurant. It’s in the East Chatham shopping center in Cary and is visible from the street as you drive past.

What is Nepali cuisine, you ask? While Americans may find it similar to Indian cuisine, differences in ingredients, flavors and influences are evident.

Understanding Himalayan Nepali Food

Let’s look at a map to help understand Himalayan Nepali food.


Nepal is north of India, above Uttar Pradesh, Bihur and, to the east, Bangladesh. It is mountainous country, running from low hills to some of the world’s tallest mountains. The restaurant in Cary specializes in Nepali cuisine from the Himalayas, the most mountainous region of the nation.

Nepal has always been a cultural, commercial and ethnic corridor between East and West. The foods of northern India are the primary influences on Nepali cuisine. But Tibetan food also plays a strong role because of proximity and the similarity of climate.

Lentils, beans and cold-tolerant crops like buckwheat, barley and millet are typical in the Himalayas.

Himalayan Dishes

The restaurant in Cary offers a dish called Himalayan Dal Fry, made from black lentils and red beans cooked with spices.

You could also try Momo, steamed dumplings in the shape of a hat, a very popular Nepali dish.


The menu also features Himilayan Chai and Coffee, Himalayan Chow Chow Soup, Govi Manchrian and Nepali Tarkaki (fresh vegetables and spices).

Most of the other dishes on the menu will be familiar to patrons of the area’s many fine Indian restaurants – Chana Masala and Saag Paneer, Tandori, Tikka and Biryani. In a nod to the Chinese culinary influence, the restaurant offers several varieties of Chow Mein.

Table Service, Beer and Wine

The room is cozy, probably seating 30-40 patrons. The wait staff was friendly and efficient.

You can get beer and wine at Himalayan Nepali Cuisine. We split a big bottle of Flying Horse Lager.


The room was very pleasant – lively, but not too loud. Mercifully, just one small TV screen is playing softly in the background.

The prices are modest. We did dinner for two with the big beer and a mountain of leftovers for about $40.

In short, if you are a Cary foodie (you know who you are) or a fan of Indian cuisines, you should try Himalayan Nepali Cuisine in the East Chatham shopping center.

Himalayan Nepali Cuisine
746-A East Chatham Street
Cary, NC 27511
Phone: 919-466-0550


Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.