New Cary Park Opens on American Tobacco Trail

New Hope Park

Cary, NC — On Saturday, October 17, 2015, the New Hope Church Road Trailhead Park opened in northwestern Cary. We were there to take some photos of the ceremony.

Long Name, Important Park

The brand-new New Hope Church Road Trailhead Park was completed in summer of 2015, and its opening was celebrated on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

The park is an important addition to the 22-mile American Tobacco Trail, or ATT, as it provides a much-needed resting place for runners and bikers as well as plenty of parking for those who wish to access the trail from the northwest Cary entrance.

Tobacco Trail

Tobacco Trail2

The park’s long name can be a mouthful, but it comes from the site’s address (2575 New Hope Church Road) combined with the location of the park among the ATT. For those who are new to trail terms, a trailhead is “the place where a trail begins.”

In his blog, Mayor Weinbrecht explained:

In addition to being the only trailhead along the ATT that Cary built and maintains, this 12-acre site is an important parking facility for Cary residents and users of the ATT. It’s also one of the few locations in Wake and Chatham Counties along the 22-mile ATT that offers potable water and restroom facilities. As a runner, I can tell you that water and restrooms are a big deal after a nice, long run.

New Hope Park2

A green and red house holds bathrooms, maps and sheltered picnic tables for trail travelers.

Amenities & Art

The new 12-acre site includes parking for horse trailers, a 100-space car parking lot, restrooms, water fountains and public art. You’ll find four tall sculptures strategically placed throughout the park – the first, named “Contender,” stands at the trailhead entrance. Two other figures walk side-by-side, and the fourth, “Akimbo,” stands as if he is watching over the park.

The collection of four was named “Visitors” by artist John Merigian.

New Hope Park3

“Visitors” by John Merigian.

Equestrian-Friendly Site

The large parking lot at the new park also includes plenty of room for horse trailer parking. That’s because horses are allowed in the Chatham and Wake Country sections of the ATT, which has been described as one of North Carolina’s truly regional trails.

Humans weren't the only ones in attendance for Saturday's dedication.

Humans weren’t the only ones in attendance for Saturday’s dedication.

After Mayor Weinbrecht spoke at the ceremony, the North Carolina Horse Council explained to the crowd how trail-goers can share recreation space with horses.

Visit the Trailhead

Situated in northwestern Cary among an odd mix of country roads, farms and large housing developments, the New Hope Church Road Trailhead Park may be a drive for many Cary residents – but the beautiful trail is well worth the trip. Just don’t head to the Raleigh address by mistake! Visit the trailhead park at 2575 New Hope Church Road in Cary.

A happy occasion.

A happy occasion for trail enthusiasts.


Story from staff reports. Photos by Lindsey Chester and Jessica Patrick.