WHUP FM- Hillsborough’s New Community Radio


Hillsborough, NC — We discovered WHUP 104.7, an FM radio based out of Hillsborough, when CaryCitizen’s publisher, Hal Goodtree, performed live on-air in the studio. 

WHUP 104.7

After years of planning, WHUP FM, Hillsborough’s new community radio, played its very first song in October 2015. We were immediately attracted to WHUP’s eclectic style – the station focuses on keeping a “Hillsborough feel” while remaining open to differences and growth.

You’ll hear a lot of music on WHUP, as the station plays a mix of creative, high-quality music and strives to support local artists. The tunes can be anything from “music from the bowels of space” to hits from the British Singles Chart to old alternative rock.

A Spin on News

Depending on when you listen, you’ll hear some news, too. WHUP describes its news cast as “an unvarnished compendium of highlights and lowlights from the world around us mixed with some fresh tunes.” In an interactive portion of this 3-D News Show, listeners can call in to let other listeners know about events coming up in the area. Tune in weekdays at 8 am to hear this show.

Creative Music Shows

Hal performed live jazz with Lounge Doctors bandmate Michael Pelz-Sherman during WHUP’s weekly Live Jazz Now show, which features live and touring jazz artists.

Some of WHUP’s other neat shows include The Lunch Crunch, which features interviews with town and county staff and music from local artists, and the Americana Music Show, which focuses on southeastern and Texas music styles.

Pass the Hat showcases just-emerging and longtime NC artists, and Roots Rampage plays a mix of music from the past, present and future.

Here’s a list of when you can catch these weekly shows:

  • 3-D News – Mondays-Fridays, 8 am
  • The Lunch Crunch – Mondays, noon-1 pm
  • Americana Music Show – Wednesdays, 7-10 pm
  • Live Jazz Now – Thursdays, 1-4 pm
  • Pass the Hat – Fridays, 6-8 pm
  • Roots Rampage – Sundays, 7-10 pm

Check out a list of all WHUP’s shows, and view the full music schedule online.

Tune In

Even if you don’t live in Hillsborough, you can tune into WHUP FM anytime.

I listen to WHUP while at work, but you can also tune-in in your car or wherever you’d like. Tell us what you think. I think you’ll be inspired and pleasantly surprised.


Story by Jessica Patrick. Photo from WHUP on Facebook.