Garden: The Orchid Trail in Morrisville


Morrisville, NC — I was excited to stumble across The Orchid Trail, a collection of greenhouses filled with thousands of orchids of all sizes and varieties, off of Church Street in Morrisville.

A Great Time for Orchids

As long as you keep them indoors and care for them, orchids live year-round.

Even though these gorgeous plants can keep you company at your windowsill throughout all four seasons, they’re very popular choices around the holidays. People are looking for indoor plants to brighten their homes, and many give them away as housewarming and Christmas gifts.

A Dream-Like Display

So, it was in perfect timing that I stumbled across The Orchid Trail last week.


The Orchid Trail is in Morrisville and just minutes from Cary.

Several greenhouses hold more than 21,000 square feet of orchids, and you can stop in to shop or simply enjoy wandering through the dream-like display of plants. Knowledgeable staff are available to answer any questions an “orchid newbie” might have, and they can help you pick out a gift for you or a friend in the showroom greenhouse.

The Orchid Trail also offers rental space, where customers can house their orchids for staff to care for until they’re ready to bloom.


The Orchid Trail has one of the largest orchid collections in North Carolina, so many customers order orchids online. Here in Cary and Morrisville, through, it’s easy to stop by and pick out your own gift. The greenhouses hold many different species and hybrids from a wide range of genera, and the orchids range from seedlings to well-established, mature, blooming plants.


Different orchids all bloom at different times, I learned. Even if an orchid isn’t in full bloom, many have interesting roots that are enjoyable to see all year.

Caring for orchids isn’t hard, but care techniques differ according to the type you have. If you buy a new orchid for yourself or for a friend, make sure to ask someone at The Orchid Trail what the proper care for that particular plant is. The staff can also help you pot the orchids.

I asked a few questions about orchids myself before I was left to wander through what felt like another world. Orchid plants of all sizes were everywhere – some were hanging from the ceiling while others were potted in small plants and mounted on a wall.


Roots were hanging down from baskets, and although I was seconds from Morrisville Town Hall, I felt like I was in the middle of a jungle.


The Orchid Trail felt much like an exhibit, or a museum, and less like a store. And, with winter approaching, who wouldn’t want to spend time in a warm greenhouse?



The Orchid Trail
402 Church Street, Morrisville

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 am-5 pm, Saturday 9:30 am-4 pm, Sunday 1 pm-3 pm


Story and photos by Jessica Patrick.


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