Photos: Cary Christmas Parade 2015

cary-christmas parade-2015-2

Cary, NC — The weather was perfect on Saturday, December 12, 2015,  for the Cary Jaycees Christmas Parade. We got a few pictures in case you missed the fun.

cary-christmas parade-2015-1

cary-christmas parade-2015-3

cary-christmas parade-2015-4

cary-christmas parade-2015-5

cary-christmas parade-2015-6

cary-christmas parade-2015-7

cary-christmas parade-2015-8

cary-christmas parade-2015-9

cary-christmas parade-2015-10

cary-christmas parade-2015-11

cary-christmas parade-2015-12

cary-christmas parade-2015-13

cary-christmas parade-2015-14

cary-christmas parade-2015-15

cary-christmas parade-2015-16

cary-christmas parade-2015-17

cary-christmas parade-2015-18


Photos by Hal Goodtree.