State of the Town

Video: State of the Town 2016

Cary, NC — On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht delivered the 2016 State of the Town address to a packed room at Prestonwood Country Club. The annual event is sponsored by the Cary Chamber of Commerce.

Video – State of the Town 2016

The State of the Town Address Mayor Weinbrecht delivered this morning was his first public presentation of the speech this year. He’ll give the speech, which he spends month preparing for, to several other audiences this year, but anyone can hear the address anytime online via Cary TV or through the Town of Cary’s YouTube channel.

Here is the mayor’s 2016 State of the Town Address in its entirety.

Cary Stats

Mayor Weinbrecht shared Cary’s accolades along with facts about business development and job growth, town services, parks, sporting venues, upcoming and current road projects and more. He also shared some of Cary’s stats, including:

  • Cary’s population is close to 156,000 people, making us the seventh largest municipality in the state.
  • Our population is growing at a sustainable rate of less than 3%.
  • 2/3 of Cary residents have college degrees and 1/4 have advanced degrees.
  • 18% of Cary residents are from other countries.
  • Cary residents represent over 59 nationalities.
  • Less than 10% of Cary residents were born in Cary.
  • Cary’s unemployment rate is low – under 4%.
  • Over 500 new jobs were added to Cary in 2015.
  • More people drive into Cary for work everyday than leave it.

Closing Statements

Mayor Weinbrecht concluded his talk by challenging the audience to join him in making Cary a place where good things happen – to help keep others happy and safe, to embrace diversity and to enjoy the times and talents of others.

Thanks to Mayor Weinbrecht for his annual address and to the Cary Chamber for hosting this event.

Story from staff reports. Photo and video from the Town of Cary.