Trump, Clinton & the NC Bond Issue

Cary, NC – A $2 billion dollar infrastructure bond issue for North Carolina is on the ballot in this election. Let us know in the comments if you plan to vote Yes, No or Don’t Care.

The NC Infrastructure Bond

The infrastructure bond supports education, water & sewage, the Zoo, the National Guard and farming.

Projects include:

  • Water/Sewer – $309 million
  • Western Carolina University Stem Building  – $110 million
  • UNC Greensboro Nursing Building – $105 million
  • NC A&T Engineering Building – $90 million

There’s also money for Umstead Park, Wake Tech, Kerr Lake, Pilot Mountain, Falls Lake, the Eno River and lots more.

You can download the detailed breakout of the NC Infrastructure Bond, sortable by item, amount, county and more.

>> Infrastructure Bond – Detailed Breakout <<

(Source: Connect NC)

Why March 15?

The $2 billion dollar bond issue has bipartisan support, including Sen. Dan Blue (Democratic Leader), Gov. McCrory (R), Rep. Gale Adcock (D – Cary) and the Cary Chamber of Commerce.

And yet, March 15 is a strange day to pick for something you support. Voter turnout in the last presidential primary (2012) was 34%. Turnout in the General Election was 68%. (source: NC Board of Elections)

It’s almost like they don’t want you to vote :)

Trump & Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on the ballot in Cary, too. So is Jeb Bush, Martin O’Malley and a bunch of other people who never made it to the television debates. (Explanation: You can announce that you are withdrawing from the race, but that does not affect your status as a registered candidate on the ballot.)

So, you have a lot of choices.

Early Voting Now / Election Day March 15

Early Voting is open now. Election Day is Tuesday, March 15, 2016. More info from CaryCitizen:


Yes, No or Don’t Care?

You can express your opinion on the bond issue in the comments. Vote:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t Care

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Story and picture by Hal Goodtree.

4 replies
  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    Yes, wanting my 8 grand kids in Apex to have up-to-date stuff.
    I just wish the Zoo could support itself.

  2. GGPR
    GGPR says:

    Yes, since there is more good in this package than bad. More construction = more jobs. Plus some of the university facilities (like the UNC medical school building) are hopelessly out of date.

  3. doc thorne
    doc thorne says:

    I voted ‘No’. And my reason is: It doesn’t much matter what the citizen’s vote for bondwise, when the State legislators and local municipalities will redirect the funds to what they want rather than what their constituents wish taxpayer dollars to be used for.

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