Cary and Morrisville Candidates File for 2017 Election

Cary, NC – The filing period is over and now it’s election season in the local area with several seats on the Cary and Morrisville Town Council up for election this year. Read more

Trump, Clinton & the NC Bond Issue

Cary, NC – A $2 billion dollar infrastructure bond issue for North Carolina is on the ballot in this election. Let us know in the comments if you plan to vote Yes, No or Don’t Care. Read more

Early Voting

Early Voting in Cary Starts September 30

Early Voting

Cary, NC — Election day is less than two weeks away, and early voting starts in Cary on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. Here’s everything you need to know. Read more


Big Primary Election Next Week


Cary, NC – Some might question whether the words “big” and “primary” belong in the same sentence, but two elections next week in our region have drawn national attention. Read more

Early Voting Starts in Cary

Photo by Kara Huff.

Cary, NC – Early voting started today in Wake County. Whether you can’t make it on Election Day (Tues., Nov 6) or just can’t wait, here’s what you need to know about Early Voting in Cary. Read more

Opinion: Let’s Vote on May 8

From the blog of Lori Bush, At-Large member of Cary Town Council.

Cary, NC – As an elected official, it probably makes sense that I am passionate about democracy and public service.  (Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have run for office, right?)

Perhaps my early engagement learning about our government at Girl’s State is what sparked my pubic service interest.  But it’s watching the process of  government and seeing how few people vote, that fuels me today.  As folks who know me well can tell you, I been an “active” participant in the electoral process –  reminding my family, neighbors, friends and constituents about the importance of voting. Read more