Town Appoints 1st Developmental Services Director

Cary, NC – Previously a supportive division within municipal government, the Town of Cary is creating a new Developmental Services Department and has named Scot Berry its first director.

Guiding Development

In his new role, Berry will be leading the Developmental Services Department to help those interested in developing in Cary with the necessary procedures. One of Berry’s first tasks will be to meet with stakeholders in the community for their input on development in Cary so far. Berry says improving the town’s customer service is at the heart of what he does in Cary.

“I’m excited to take on this new role and help lead a continual improvement effort of our development process,” Berry said.

“I look forward to taking a more in-depth look at how we can better meet the needs of the development community.”


Past Experience

Berry will not take over as director until April 25, 2016. Currently, he works as director of Inspections and Permits, which the Development Support Division was created to aid. But, as Assistant Town Manager Russ Overton noted, Berry has had a much longer history in public service.

“Scot has been with the Town for almost 15 years and has worked in a variety of roles during that time,” Overton said.

“We believe that experience, as well as the customer service improvements he’s made as Inspections and Permits director, will serve him well in this position, which is all about improving internal coordination for a better customer experience.”

Among Berry’s past roles have been Utility Accounts Manager, Financial Project Analyst, Public Works & Utilities Analyst, Water Conservation Analyst and Water Conservation Field Technician.

New Director

When Berry takes on the new role of Developmental Services Department director, the interim director of Inspections and Permits will be Ken Rawlings, currently serving as manager of the department.


Story from staff reports. Scot Berry photo courtesy of Town of Cary.