Pictures: Downtown Cary Farmers Market

Cary, NC – Saturday was warm and sunny and the fruits and vegetables at the Downtown Cary Farmers Market looked, well, good enough to eat.

Saturday at the Downtown Farmers Market

It was quiet and tranquil on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. A reasonable flow of customers, the tables groaning under buckets of ripe strawberries and piles of rainbow kale.

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“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s kohlrabi, idiot,” the young vendor told me.

She didn’t really call me an idiot. But what kind of farmers market shopper doesn’t know a kohlrabi when he sees it?

I don’t. I have never cooked it. “Peel the skin and chop it up fresh into a slaw. Sauté it with the greens in olive oil and garlic. Or roast it like a potato.”

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Story and pictures by Hal Goodtree.