Taxi for Dogs

Cary, NC – Modern times can be busy and hectic, and lately, even our dogs have full schedules with veterinary appointments, grooming and more. But a new company in Cary is helping to manage that time crunch by driving dogs themselves.

New Start Up Offers Taxi for Busy Dogs

Le Canine Concierge was started by Jessica Garcia to give busy pet-owners a way to get their pets to various appointments without taking time out of their own schedule.

“Given the schedules people have and how vibrant Cary is, people are busy but they also love their pets,” Garcia said. “And there’s nothing else around the area like this.”

Garcia said the service is also useful for people who cannot drive, such as those with epilepsy.  She said the impetus for creating Le Canine Concierge was her own past dilemma with driving her dog.

“I had a personal emergency and I had to arrive at the vet and board a plane all in a certain time,” Garcia said.

Like a dog taxi (or a dog Uber if you prefer), Le Canine Concierge comes to pick up a dog and takes them to whatever their appointment is, including waiting at the veterinarian or other engagement to get the dog back.

“The dog groomers in the area do beautiful work but they are always busy and you need an hour and a half window,” Garcia said. “It’s similar with doggy day cares, who like us because we offer flexibility.”

Le Canine Concierge's tent from their first public appearance at Ritmo Latino.

Le Canine Concierge’s tent from their first public appearance at Ritmo Latino.

 Connection With Dogs

In addition to the dog driving service, Garcia said Le Canine Concierge offers to have a “meet ‘n’ greet” with dogs before they start being driven around.

“Dogs have personalities. Not everyone values that and when we encounter dogs who are older or nervous, we find this increases their comfort levels with the driver,” she said.

The “meet ‘n’ greets” are free to customers, which Garcia said is important to her sense of business ethics.

“I believe in service and if we can help someone and improve what we’re offering for free, it’s worth doing,” she said.

Le Canine Concierge had its first public event at Ritmo Latino on Saturday, May 14, 2016 and Garcia said she is getting a good response for this new business.

“This area is all about start-ups and trying new things and I think new ideas are endemic to Cary,” she said.

Servicing all of Cary, Le Canine Concierge also offers traditional dog walking services.


Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Jessica Garcia and Daniel Ramirez.