Hidden Giant: Global Knowledge

Cary, NC – Cary is known for its booming business base but sometimes residents can forget just how massive some of the community’s companies are. And one of those companies that is continuing to grow and change is Cary’s Global Knowledge.

Global Knowledge1

Global Leader Located Locally

Global Knowledge is a large company with locations all over the world but its headquarters are right here in Cary, across from Koka Booth Amphitheater on Regency Parkway. The company has gone through changes recently, taking on new CEO Sean Dolan in the past eight months and hiring many new executives, including most recently Satish Shetty as CIO.

“It’s structurally and culturally changing to be more global, whether that’s from marketing or other collaborations,” Dolan said. “We have a global footprint but there’s a difference between being global and having a global connection.”

Global Knowledge is the largest provider for professional development and IT training so people can learn skills for the workplace.

“People need to be trained and competent and when you pick up new skills, you can be more attractive to those hiring,” Dolan said.

While Global Knowledge is already a leading partner, Dolan said they are still looking to improve their partnership in the European Union and Asia, while also working to expand in the United States and Canada.

Building On Triangle Talent

As a massive company, Global Knowledge has a proportionate impact on Cary as it hires thousands of employees.

“As we grow as a company, we’re going to need more jobs,” Dolan said. “And not just in executive positions.”

But while Global Knowledge helps shape the surrounding area, so does the area shape the company.

“Any business is only as good as its people and having the ability to draw on a pool of talent is tremendous,” Dolan said. “We’re proud of the fact that we’re based in Cary and the Triangle area. We focus primarily on technology and this is a hot and growing market.”

Dolan said Global Knowledge is looking to getting their marketing department to get more involved in the Cary Chamber of Commerce. They are also working on offer free training to people in the Cary area to help them in their job searches.

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Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of GlassDoor and Hanna Gnann.

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