Morrisville Rebrands with New Logo and Motto

Cary, NC – While Morrisville is a relatively small town with fewer than 30,000 residents, it is growing rapidly and more people learn about the town every day. So to introduce themselves, Morrisville has undergone a recent rebranding, complete with a new logo and tagline to describe the town.

A New Look

While Mark Stohlman was Morrisville’s mayor at the time of the new branding unveiling at the town’s Friday, December 2, 2016 tree lighting, the project goes back to his time on the Town Council.

“I requested the town look at welcome signs around Morrisvlle. There were many different versions of your first impressions of what Morrisville was,” Stohlman said.

From there, Stohlman said the town worked on creating a uniform appearance for Morrisville, and over time, that came to include more than just their welcome signs.

“It expanded to look at the entire brand. On vehicles, on cards, on letterheads. It morphed into a larger project,” Stohlman said.

While going through different versions that had mixed responses from town staff, Morrisville settled on the current logo: a lowercase “m” with a blue-and-green background.


Behind the Brand

With the new logo and tagline, Stohlman said it communicates what he hopes people learn about Morrisville.

“It’s clean, it’s crisp,” Stohlman said. “It does a good job of talking about our technology and our well-educated staff and our diversity.”

With the logo itself, Stohlman said he hopes it creates a calming and pleasant feeling in visitors.

“We chose a small ‘m’ and the colors to be something welcoming,” he said. “We didn’t want it to be too governmental and stark.”

The blue and green, representing both grass and sky, were also a tranquil and welcoming mix, Stohlman said.

As for the tagline, Stohlman said people can draw their own meanings but he said the word “connected” was meant to show two main things about Morrisville, one of them being their technological advancement, from fiber optics to tele-communitng to high-speed Internet.

“And we are also a very diverse community. 30 percent of our population is from South Asia,” he said. “We live connected geographically.”

With such a large mix of people, Stohlman said Morrisville keeping these different groups connected is an important aspect of the town.

“Both the American and immigrant population is connected to one another,” he said.

Story by Michael Papich. Photo courtesy of the Town of Morrisville.