Lazy Daze Permanently Extended to Two Days

Cary, NC – For the 40th Lazy Daze last year, the Town of Cary made it the biggest one yet at two days. And after an outpouring of support, it is now going to be two days long for the foreseeable future.

More Days of Lazy Daze

After 2016’s Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival, Cary’s Cultural Arts Manager Lyman Collins said the response was very positive from both visitors and artists involved. An interesting turn of circumstances led to the two days being possible: because of construction on Academy Street, the yearly arts event had to be moved to Town Hall Campus. And because it was on Town Hall Campus, it would not block the road if left overnight so extending Lazy Daze to Saturday and Sunday was possible.

“People have asked if it can be longer in the past but because it closed down Academy Street, that was never possible,” Collins said.

Collins presented the proposal to Cary’s Town Council at their Tuesday, January 24, 2017 meeting and named some of the benefits to visitors of having a two-day event. For example, it gave people an option of when to attend and it meant a rain day would not wipe out Lazy Daze because people could just come the next day instead.

And Collins said there were logistical benefits for the town as well.

“You don’t have to set up and take down everything in the same day,” Collins said. “To do all that in one day is a pretty big hurdle.”

The layout on Town Hall Campus at the 2016 Lazy Daze

Change of Location

As Collins said, having a two-day Lazy Daze on Academy Street would not be possible so the plan is for the event to continue on Town Hall Campus for now. This had several advantages, Collins said, including more shade, easier access to restrooms and safety.

“Because the footprint is more compact and there are fewer entry points, our police department said it is a more secure location,” Collins said.

When Lazy Daze was held on Town Hall Campus, Collins said there were concerns of its proximity to the railroad tracks and people crossing it improperly so he said there will be attention given to the tracks in future Lazy Dazes and booths will be moved away from that location.

As for businesses in Downtown Cary, Collins said there has been a mixed response to the move.

“Some are not happy it’s moving away, some are happy because it means their stores are not blocked and can be seen,” he said. “We are talking with them and I think downtown merchants will be rethinking their position on it.”

But Collins said Town Hall Campus will not necessarily be the final destination for Lazy Daze, with possible plans to move the event to the coming downtown park.

“The park setting would be more like what we had on Town Hall Campus,” he said. “It’s a similar set-up and a similar feel.”

Collins added that, because the park is not completed, this plan is only speculation for now though he is recommended looking into the viability of the location.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos by Hal Goodtree and the Town of Cary.