The Cary News Changes Print Publication

Cary, NC – Cary’s newspaper for more than 50 years, The Cary News, is no longer including print copies automatically with The News & Observer as it transitions many of its local papers to an online publication.

Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly described the new publication schedule of The Cary News and has been edited accordingly.

Change in Publication

The Cary News has been in circulation since 1963 but this year, print publications included with copies of The News & Observer stopped.

“Because most of the content in it has been published in The News & Observer or at, we no longer insert it into all home-delivered copies of The News & Observer,” said John Drescher, senior vice president and executive editor of The News & Observer.

Print copies of The Cary News can still be ordered for weekly delivery.

The News & Observer, which bought The Cary News in 1971, operates many local papers in North and South Carolina. Similarly, some of these local papers in the Triangle area have also stopped packaging with The News & Observer while others, such as Southwest Wake News, have not gone through similar changes.

“As more and more readers get their news from, we will continue to review our print community papers and how we can best serve local readers,” Drescher said.

The Cary News‘ office in the Cary Theater are also no longer in use.

Both The News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer are owned by McClatchy.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of the Cary Visual Art Gallery and Michael Papich.

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  1. Sara Glines
    Sara Glines says:

    This story is not correct. The Cary News is still published twice a week. It simply is no longer added into the N&O for all subscribers. As John Drescher stated, the content runs in the News & Observer. However, the Cary News is still distributed to tens of thousands of homes throughout Cary.

    – Sara Glines
    Publisher & President
    News & Observer

      • Hal Goodtree
        Hal Goodtree says:

        Pam – I think what Sara is saying that you’d have to subscribe to the printed edition. It is being phased out of inclusion with the printed edition of the N&O.

  2. doc thorne
    doc thorne says:

    When did this take effect? I received a hard copy of TCN in my driveway two-morning’s ago.

      • doc thorne
        doc thorne says:

        ‘No’ I do not, Hal. I did have one years ago, but when TCN went to N&O insertion and I didn’t have an N&O subscription I asked to keep receiving it. As a result it’s been put in my driveway every Wednesday and Sunday (this morning included) for well over a decade.

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