Cary Girl Scouts Are Top Cookie Sellers in Wake

Cary, NC – The Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Cookie are synonymous in American culture, with emphasis put on who can sell the most cookies. And in Cary, two local scouts topped the list in Wake County, selling more than 3,000 boxes between them.

Top Sellers

In 2017, the cookie-selling season went from Saturday, January 14 to Sunday, March 5. And in that time period, two Cary Girl Scouts sold more boxes than any other scout in Wake County.

Nikki Blake and Leela Sunkasari sold 2,000 and 1,510 boxes of cookies respectively. The local average for a single Girl Scout is around 260 boxes sold.

“Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls fund unique leadership experiences that helps them become bold and courageous young women who make the world a better place,” said Kelly Griffin, product sales director for Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines.

Across the Region

All in all, more than three million boxes of cookies were sold by Girl Scouts in the North Carolina Coastal Pines council, with 12,750 scouts in the area.

Money raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program fund various projects and trips by the scout program and Griffin said it helps participating girls learn important life skills.

“Girls not only have a blast decorating cookie booths and selling alongside friends, they also learn real world skills that help them become innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders,” Griffin said. “We are excited to honor and celebrate the leaders of this year’s Cookie Program.”

The Girl Scout Cookie Program started in 1917, marking this year as the 100th sale.

Story by staff reports. Photos by the Hinnosaar family and Sheila Herman.