A Guide to the GoCary System

Cary, NC – With the expansion of the Triangle’s bus system and the rebranding of C-Tran to GoCary, there is more of a push and advertising for Cary residents to take the local bus system. So if you have never tried and are interested in giving it a shot, here is a handy guide to riding GoCary.

Bus Basics

If you are used to taking bus systems, GoCary’s Fixed Route Service will be easy for you to understand and adapt to. All you need to learn are the specific routes and where they lead.

GoCary is made up of six main routes: four for the outer limits of the town and two that encircle Central Cary. Using this organizational method, you can easily plan out your trip. For example, if you are moving East to West or North to South, you can stay on the same route or make one easy transfer when you make it to Downtown Cary and continue in the same direction. Or, if you are moving East to North or West to South, you can take one of the two Central Cary routes and take that to your nearest line.

One-way fare – that is, the cost to get on the bus – is $1.50 and can be paid in cash once getting onboard but a full day pass is $3.00. Full weekly, monthly, regional and other forms of passes can be bought online.

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Routes in Cary

The specific stops for the six bus routes in Cary are as follows.

Central Cary (#1 and #2)

  • Cary Towne Center
  • Walnut Street and Lawrence Road
  • Crossroads
  • Walnut Street and Nottingham Drive
  • East Cary Middle School
  • Northwoods Shopping Center
  • Maynard Crossing
  • Mayfair Plaza

North Cary (#3)

  • Cary Bus Depot
  • Northwoods Shopping Center
  • Norwell Boulevard and Cary Parkway (not included in Inbound Route)
  • Harrison Square

West Cary (#4)

  • Cary Bus Depot
  • Maynard Crossing
  • Cary Senior Center
  • Stone Creek
  • NC Highway 55

South Cary (#5)

  • Cary Bus Depot
  • Mayfair Plaza
  • WakeMed (not included in Inbound Route)
  • Crescent Commons Drive

For Route #5, there is also an express route with limited stops that goes between Crescent Commons Drive and Downtown Cary. It operates between 3:44 and 5:28 PM Mondays through Fridays.

East Cary (#6)

  • Cary Bus Depot
  • Chatham Square
  • Cary Towne Center
  • Donaldson Drive and Patrick Circle
  • Plaza West

And you can find the specific times for each route online, which run Monday through Saturday, from roughly 6 AM to 10 PM.

The GoCary Route also links up with the GoTriangle and GoRaleigh routes to travel outside of Cary. To transfer to GoRaleigh, you can only go with the Plaza West stop on Route #6. But GoTriangle intersects with GoCary at several points all over the town, including at the last stop on Routes #3 through #6, as well as Northwoods Shopping Center, Mayfair Plaza, Crossroads and the Cary Bus Depot in Downtown Cary.

And if you need further assistance with transportation because of age or disability, look into GoCary’s Door to Door Service System.

Story by staff reports. Photos courtesy of the Town of Cary.

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  1. Owen Evans
    Owen Evans says:

    I find GoCary to be convenient and dependable.

    IMO The “missing piece” of the puzzle in Cary would be all-day service towards RTP – preferrably through Morrisville along NC 54. This was definitely called out as one of the core regional components of the Wake County Transit Plan. Here’s hoping that the next round of service changes will take this into account.

  2. Len Nieman
    Len Nieman says:

    It should also be noted there is a 50% fare discount for Seniors over 65 and disabled individuals. A ‘Value Card’ good for $25 worth of fares can be purchased on the bus for $20. It can be used to purchase one way rides or the various Day and Week passes. Day passes allow unlimited rides for the day purchased.

    Also, starting August 6th routes 3, 4, 5, 6 start all day 1/2 hour service M-Sat, and all routes start hourly Sunday service.

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