Candidate Questionnaire: Guri Burmi

Morrisville, NC – This is an installment in our Candidate 2017 series, in which candidates get to respond in their own words to the same three questions.

We publish the responses in the order we receive them. This questionnaire is submitted by Guri Burmi, running for the District 2 seat on the Morrisville Town Council.

Why are you running?

I have seen a lot of progress in Morrisville happening in the past 4 years. I would like to see Morrisville continue on this path of progress and I believe I have the skill sets needed to help manage this growth and address some of the areas that need more attention.

What are your top three priorities and how will you accomplish them?


With my previous experience of working with Wake County Schools, I will lobby the School District for more education options for the students living in Morrisville. With a population of over 27 thousand citizens, I think we would benefit from our own middle school and high school, and I will examine ways to bring this about.


We need to work with NCDOT and organizations like CAMPO to get more funding for the roads in Morrisville in order to accommodate the growth that we are seeing. I will work with all of the pertinent agencies to create long-term solutions.

Smart Growth:

Morrisville is home to some of the most talented people and we need to leverage that by coming up with new ideas on how to address some of our challenges so that we do not slow down the pace of progress in our town.

Give us a brief bio and tell us about your relevant experience

I moved to US from India in 2001 to build a better life for my family and myself by following the American Dream. Since then I have worked hard to become a successful entrepreneur, husband, father and a respected member of the community.

The first thing you notice about me is my Turban that signifies my belief in “Sikh” religion, which also coincides with all things American, i.e. doing good deeds, liberty, peace, prosperity and happiness for all.

I have served as the VP of our community HOA since 2012 and have always been involved in community service as a way of giving back and making life better for everyone around me. I believe I can take this experience and apply it to the town level as well. We need to spend our tax dollars on things that really matter and negotiate hard with vendors in order to keep costs low. I have done it successfully in our sub-division and will do it for the town as well.


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9 replies
  1. Patty C in Morrisville
    Patty C in Morrisville says:

    Too bad you can not run for re-election for a 3rd time in his District Pete.

    • pete Martin
      pete Martin says:

      Patty you have no idea what you are talking about–I had 3 terms in office and you have none. learn your History first before you write where the public can see. Thanks anyway,

      it’s call Gerrymandering.

      • Patty C in Morrisville
        Patty C in Morrisville says:

        Pete Martin,
        Which part of the process used by the elected public servants of the fastest growing town in the USA’s effort to provide more “equitable” representation for the “newest” 25% of Morrisville, that has no representation on Town Council, are you calling “Gerrymandering”?

        Sorry that you have been unable to win re-election to a seat on Town Council since the Town’s population surpassed 20,000 people in 2011.

        • Bob Butler
          Bob Butler says:

          Morrisvile is NOT the fastest growing town in North Carolina much less the US. What newest 25% are you talking about?

          • Patty C in Morrisville
            Patty C in Morrisville says:

            Hi Bob Butler,
            It’s quite possible we are #2 in the USA behind a town in the San Francisco Bay area. The data from the 2015 Census by which Town Council elected to re-draw the District Maps. What are your sources?

          • Bob Butler
            Bob Butler says:

            Not even the fastest in Wake County. From the Triangle Business Journal
            ‘Rolesville, a suburb in northeastern Wake County, saw the highest increase in population in the state. Its population grew 83.89 percent to 6,962 from 3,786 in the 2010 Census. The second oldest town in Wake County, Rolesville is a former farming community that has been ranked in the top three fastest growing communities in North Carolina since 2005.

            IN THIS ARTICLE
            Government & Regulations
            Several other Wake County towns saw significant population increases. Fuquay-Varina increased its population by 44.2 percent, Holly Springs by 34.87 percent, Morrisville by 33.14 percent and Knightdale by 29.76 percent.

      • john tester
        john tester says:

        Man you are a bitter dude Pete. Instead of knocking down others, why don’t you go do something useful or try lifting someone up?

  2. pete martin
    pete martin says:

    Your answers are off base–It is quite apparent that you have no idea what it takes to run and develop a town.
    Before one decides to get involved in a town like Morrisville, you need to take your time and understand the basic knowledge of town development. (101)

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