Western Cary Business Reshaping to Better Utilize Employees

Cary, NC – A West Cary company is changing up its employment process after five years of doing business in the area.

Hanging Onto Quality Employees

Paul Burdine has been operating Mosquito Joe of Western Wake for five years and has been hiring technicians as seasonal employees since opening the business.

“We start from scratch at the beginning of each year,” Burdine said.

That presents many challenges Burdine said, and added that as the business is growing, it was more important that his technicians have a full-time schedule, starting next season.

“It’s tough to find good seasonal people so it’s worth it to hang on to them,” Burdine said.

Tips for Fighting Mosquitos

The July-to-August period is typically a peak for mosquitos, Burdine said, so residents may have seen more of the biting bugs lately.

“But that’s seasonal. I haven’t noticed an increase in the number of mosquitos here in the five years we’ve been in business,” Burdine said.

For people looking to cut down on the number of mosquitos around them, Burdine advises cleaning up outdoor water sources and anywhere water can pool after rainfall.

“It takes four to five days for the mosquitos to breed in those,” Burdine said.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Mosquito Joe and Enrique Dans.