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Christy Clemons Wilson: I was in shock!
Lauren Barber: I cried!
Sara Osborne: It was like I was having an outer body experience.

These are the reactions that these three mothers had when they found out that their own “Special Needs” were met! Christy’s son T.J. was born with down syndrome, Lauren’s son Hayden was born autistic and Sara’s son Danny was also born with down syndrome.

Out of sheer selfishness, we live our lives with this grand plan of what we think is going to bring us joy! We create this master plan that’s made up of our own little perfection that the world tells us will make us happy. And all along, God is in Heaven probably laughing and saying, “Well, there they go again with the old, I want list!” But God never said He would supply our “WANTS.” He said He would supply all of our “NEEDS.” And these three mothers “NEEDED” these three boys!

So let’s fast forward to the conversations I had this week with them about these three “ANGELS” that have been assigned to their lives!

Christy: I’m so in love with T.J., and who he is. He’s my moral compass! When I’m about to do something wrong, T.J. will point up to Heaven, and look down at the ground, as if to say God is watching me. He keeps me in check, and I just love the way he loves people. He takes them exactly as they are. If God gave me a choice to take away the down syndrome or keep it, “I WOULD KEEP IT!” I love T.J. just the way he is!

Lauren: God uses Hayden to show me a side of joy that I never would’ve know otherwise. There is absolutely “NO WAY” I would change who he is! He is the most loving person I know. His sweet little heart comes with no rules or regulations. It just comes with a never ending supply of acceptance and freedom that teaches me how to be a better mom, wife, friend and woman of God. I truly do not deserve what I consider my small piece of Heaven on Earth named Hayden!

Sara: I didn’t realize just how unhappy I was until God sent Danny to show me! I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life until Danny was sent by God to revive my life. I didn’t like the job I had, and I thought I knew what I “WANTED” to do. But when Danny came along, I found out what I “NEEDED” to do! The Lord has given me an amazing career working with “PEOPLE” in the Special Needs community. Everything from softball tournaments, to dances, to Special Olympics! Danny has opened my eyes, and my heart, to a love that I never would’ve discovered on my own! And on a daily basis, he teaches me how to properly love, and accept people for who they are!

Sara Osbourne and Danny

This is one of the hardest articles I’ve written. It’s very personal to me, because of the relationships I have with these “Super Moms!” So here’s my take on these boys!! Hebrews 13:2- “Remember to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained “ANGELS” without even knowing it.” And that’s what we’re doing folks!! We’re “entertaining,” and they’re “teaching.”

Can you imagine waking up, and just being happy with just waking up? Not waking and stressing about making more money, having a bigger house, what your body looks like in the mirror, how people will judge your wardrobe, having a certain lifestyle or who’s President of the United States? They’re “teachers” and we’re just “entertainers.” They don’t care about who you voted for! They don’t look at skin color, and see less! They won’t pick you apart because you’re different! They won’t separate themselves from you because you live in a certain part of town! They don’t know divisive, toxic words like nigger, white trash, Republican, Democrat, racist, lower class or upper class! They only know to accept people how God made them. And they know this so well, because that’s all they want for themselves.

Lauren Barber and Hayden

They want to be accepted as “PEOPLE,” because that’s all they are! They’re “PEOPLE!” Our society is so uncomfortable with “PEOPLE” with so-called “Special Needs,” but who’s doing all of the damage to our society? Our country is smack dab in the middle of its own little civil war on so many levels. Our government is at war with itself, our communities are battling and our hearts are growing colder by the day because of it all. And still yet, we continue to say that they’re “Special Needs.” “NOT!”

We’re “Special Needs,” not them. And that’s why God has sent them. They’re here to reveal just how evil the human heart can be, and how it’s never satisfied. There’s absolutely no reason to fear them or treat them like unpredictable monsters. Just treat them like “PEOPLE.” They want to be loved, accepted, a friend, talked to, joked with, hugged, and most of all, they just want to “LIVE!” Not live and be ousted, or be looked at as weird! They just want to “LIVE!”

Be very careful about how you entertain these God given “ANGELS!” They have access to God that we’ll never have! He trusts them, because they have no intentions of exploiting or taking credit for the miracles that He uses them to create in this evil world we live in. They’re only agenda is His divine will!! And His will is for us to “LOVE!”

Christy, Lauren, Sara, T.J., Hayden and Danny!

God has set you apart!! Make sure you stay that way!!

Christy Clemons Wilson and T.J.

Story by Jimi Clemons. Photos courtesy of Jimi Clemons

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  1. Tracy sr.
    Tracy sr. says:

    Im reading all the stories about moms and the kids that keep them grounded and i can only think of just how happy my son Tj makes me feel and seeing him in this photo with his mom, My wife is bringing nothing but JOY! So thanks for shining a light on all three women they deserve it

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