Cary Business Celebrates 25th Year

Cary, NC – R+M Agency has been working to build and help brands in the area for 25 years now. And now on the anniversary, the company is looking back on how it has changed over those many years.

Choosing Your Impact

For a company such as R+M to last 25 years, it takes what Lauren Brown, senior brand and PR strategist at R+M, calls authenticity.

“It’s important that as a 25-year-old company, you walk the walk and not just talk the talk,” Brown said. “We live our core values.”

Those core values are focusing on working with brands that Brown said are doing good things in the community.

“We started off as a one-to-two person design shop. We were very reactive and took work from whomever,” Brown said. “We evolved our focus and now exclusively work with brands that work to better the world.”

Those include companies that work in the health and science sector to non-profits and the YMCA. Part of the way R+M has changed has also been how they work with clients.

“R+M has continued to evolve to not only map to the needs of our clients, but also the needs of our team. Our brand experience services align with the demands of a more sophisticated purchaser and our shared values drive our positive focus,” said CEO and R+M founder Beverly Murray.

This means assisting brands and companies in thinking of all the ways they interact with a customer, from not only how they meet a receptionist face-to-face to how they come across online and how smooth the payment process is, for example.

“We’ve expanded services while narrowing our focus,” Brown said.

A look inside the R+M Agency office

Finding New Perspectives

Part of the reason R+M focuses on companies and brands that have what it views as a positive impact, Murray said, is because it gives them more enthusiasm for their work.

“It’s one thing to position a brand for growth, increase sales and grow marketshare,” Murray said. “It’s another thing when you do it for companies that are improving the world around us. We know that what we do matters and that drives us every day.

Similarly, Brown said the agency looks for diversity in its clients as well. And as a woman-founded and largely run by women, Brown said that diversity has a positive impact on them as well.

“In the Triangle community, we’re seeing a push for more diversity and more perspectives,” Brown said. “Our economy and the business community are improved through a variety of perspectives.”

R+M is located at 15100 Weston Pkwy.

The R+M Agency team

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Lauren Brown.