Cary Company Creating Handcrafted, Modern Slips for Dresses

Cary, NC – Pairing slips with dresses is a common fashion practice but one Cary woman found slips on the market were not keeping up with modern trends. Now she has her own business locally, selling modernized slips made by hand.

Slips for Modern Trends

Candace Inscoe started making slips after she saw how currently available slips were not working for her or her daughter.

“Slips on the market are 16 inches or longer,” Inscoe said. “Those only work on a long dress so people aren’t wearing them now. With fashion today, dresses are shorter or they’re made with thinner fabric.”

Often, Inscoe said, these slips also cling to the body or show off the figure underneath the dress in a way that’s not flattering. So Inscoe started creating her own slips at shorter lengths as a hobby and side project, but they ended up catching on with her friends and people who saw what she created online.

Since then, Inscoe has created a full company, called LOTI or “Lovely On The Inside,” launching its website this August. She offers slips in three sizes, “for three generations” as she put it: 11, 13 and 15-inches. Also, there are a variety of colors and a bias-cut.

“With the cut on the bias, when she moves, it stays in place,” Inscoe said.

Also, with her slips, Inscoe said it can make all outfits work.

“Women love to wear trends so they’ll sometimes sacrifice quality for price,” she said. “These slips help more affordable outfits look good.”

LOTI’s three sizes of slips

Created in Cary

All LOTI slips are handmade here in Cary. To create the products, Inscoe hired seamstress Grace LaPerriere who has extensive experience working with Couture. Inscoe also said LaPerriere helped her get the slips market-ready.

“We made 20 prototypes before we settled on the right product,” she said. “Grace guided us through the process and showed us how to get proper quality and labeling.”

For now, LOTI is spreading through marketing on social media as well as trunk shows, though it is also being sold in boutiques such as Madison in Raleigh.

“We’re growing as fast as we can manage,” she said.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Candace Inscoe.