Samaritan’s Corner: The Little Engine That Always Does

Cary, NC – Welcome to Samaritan’s Corner. Let’s Talk!!

Ferrari!!! Everybody knows the car, the reputation, the beauty, the famous red color and of course the price tag!! A Ferrari is also known for its power. But few people know the inner workings and the source of that power. Just like the Cary Unity Walk!!

So many of you have seen my scary mug all over the place promoting the Cary Unity Walk! I’m the outter shell, or the body of the automobile that you see first that’s intended to capture your attention! But here’s a fact!! No matter how beautiful the body of a Ferrari looks, it’s meaningless without the engine! What’s the point in having a Ferrari if you can’t drive it? And what’s the point in me talking about the Cary Unity Walk, if it can’t move forward and happen? So, I want to take time to talk about the engine, and the source of the power behind this event!!

With my whole heart, I want to acknowledge my partner, and very close friend, Alisa Wright Colopy and her amazing
Fit and Able team!! I may be the outer shell, or the body you often see, but Alisa is the engine that moves it all forward! A little over two years ago, Diane Hillsgrove was used by God to connect the two of us together and the Cary Unity Walk was born! But I want to break down the beauty of the “body,” and the “engine,” of this well-oiled machine.

Alisa and I are as different as the body of a car and the engine. We come from two different worlds, two different backgrounds, two different cultures, different circumstances and yet we have the same heart strings!! Our relationship is so much more than the Cary Unity Walk! Our relationship is about building each other into better people, through gaining understanding of each other. We’re learning because we’re talking! We’re talking because we don’t always understand! We don’t always understand because we’re so different!

When we meet, a lot of our conversations aren’t always about the event. So much of it is about our lives. Our conversations, and the questions we ask are straight forward, are delivered with the utmost respect. We approach all subjects with our love for each other in mind, which is why nothing is ever taken personally.

A little uncomfortable at times? Yes, but never offensive! Why? Because it’s all love! That’s what we have for each other! And we both know that there is no ill intent whatsoever! She is the ultimate source of power behind the Cary Unity Walk!!! I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of work she’s “ALWAYS” doing behind the scenes, and in the shadows, that makes this machine that is the Cary Unity Walk even possible!! I’m just the mouth of the South that tells you about it! But Alisa, and her Fit and Able team, is where all of the power comes from!! Without that engine, this machine couldn’t move!! I get tired just listening to the list of things that must be done to get this machine moving every year!! I don’t know when, or if, she sleeps but she gets the job done!! I’ve learned so much about staging events and even more about myself! She never stops encouraging me and pushing me forward to do even greater things!! When it comes to the Cary Unity Walk and all that God has created it to be!

Without this “LITTLE ENGINE THAT ALWAYS DOES,” the Unity machine would never move!! Alisa, you are truly a modern day “SUPER WOMAN!” Your friendship, your heart, your time and the effort you’ve put into this event, and my life is just more evidence of the love of God for me. I’m so blessed to have you as a partner, to encourage “ALL” of God’s people to reach across the wall and grab the hand on the other side no matter what color it is! You’re amazing!!! But even more so, you’re my friend!

To God be the glory, for giving me access to your beautiful life!!

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Story and photos by Jimi Clemons.