Traffic Signal

Weston Parkway Traffic Growing, Leading to New Traffic Signal

Cary, NC – Studies by Cary town staff show traffic growing on Weston Parkway. Those reviews have led to the decision to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Weston Parkway and Sheldon Drive.

Traffic Signal

Traffic Volume Increasing

The Weston Parkway/Sheldon Drive intersection sits in between entertainment centers such as Park Place and employment centers such as MetLife and Deutsche Bank. David Spencer, traffic engineering supervisor for the Town of Cary, said this intersection has been reviewed several times over the past five to six years.

“We mostly look at traffic volume and the most recent counts show that traffic on Sheldon Drive has picked up in the past two years,” Spencer said.

The other factors the Town of Cary considers when deciding on where to add a traffic signal is pedestrian and vehicle safety. Spencer said the town looks back over the past three years for all accidents and see if any were “correctable crashes” where a traffic signal could have prevented the crash.

“An intersection needs to have five in a 12 month period,” Spencer said. “In three years, this intersection never came close.”

These considerations go along with federal guidelines.

Traffic Signal

The Weston Parkway/Sheldon Drive intersection and surrounding roads

Installing a Traffic Signal

Spencer said the plans are for the traffic signal to go in after “a little over 12 months” and town staff are currently talking to consultants for designs.

Before deciding on a traffic signal, Spencer said the town looks at other options first.

“These include cutting down vegetation for more visibility or putting up additional signs,” he said.

Another option for the town would be to install a roundabout instead of a traffic signal but Spencer said a traffic signal would provide the same level of service while being more cost effective.

“A roundabout also wouldn’t fit with this corridor and wouldn’t fit the character of the roadway,” he said.

Sheldon Drive becomes Weston Estates Way as it crosses Weston Parkway.

Traffic Signal

Story by Michael Papich. Photos by Michael Papich and Google Maps.