Poke Bowl

New Poke Restaurant Opens in Morrisville

Story originally appeared on FoodCary.

Morrisville, NC – With the growing trend in poke, a new restaurant in Morrisville is looking to stand out with a focus on quality, local seafood and a unique setting.

Poke Bowl

Local, Fresh Seafood

Hi Poke on Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville is opening in late May 2018, selling primarily poke bowls with other seafood as well.

Poke (pronounced poh-kay) is a salad made with raw fish with vegetables, fruits, sauces, seasonings and grains mixed in. Options at Hi Poke include tuna, eel, chicken, shrimp, octopus and daily catches, as well as other components such as mango, furikake, avocado, edamame, onion and more. Poke started originally in Hawaii – “poke” in Hawaiian means “to cut” – and the interior of Hi Poke reflects that origin.

Poke Bowl

“We wanted to decorate the walls with this Hawaiian theme and have lots of boats,” said Sha Lin, co-owner of Hi Poke. “We really like the ocean theme and it also reminds us our home town in China in Fujian province was near the beach.”

Lin said Hi Poke will be able to provide customers with top quality products because they have partnerships with local farms for both fish and produce.

“We can also make special orders from our seafood partners,” Lin said.

They will also have options for people with dietary and personal restrictions.

“We often have clients ask about gluten-free or fat-free options,” Lin said. “Customers care about having healthy, fresh options.”

Hi Poke is located on 9573 Chapel Hill Rd. in Morrisville.

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Poke Bowl

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Hi Poke. Morrisville stories sponsored in part by the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Lika-Ana Burnett
    Lika-Ana Burnett says:

    I moved here from Hawaii ten years ago. I cannot wait until it opens.. if you need food tasters before you opening. I would love to volunteer my time….I am sure it is Ono.


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