Tom Teachout’s Last Summer Rock Camp

Cary, NC – “Hey, man, could you do a story about my summer rock camp?” It was Tom Teachout, entertainer, musician and Cary Elementary School music teacher. “This is going to be my last one. I’m moving to Nashville in July.”

Rock Camp

“Wow,” I spluttered into the phone. “Why?”

“Well, it’s the best thing for my family,” Tom said. “Want my grandson to be in my life everyday.”

“Nashville, North Carolina?” I asked hopefully.

“Nashville, Tennessee, Hal,” Tom said. “Actually, Columbia, about an hour south of Nashville.”

I let this news roll around in my head. In addition to teaching school, Tom is a mainstay of the Cary music scene. For years, he’s hosted two local open mics, helping musicians of all kinds get up and play. Many popular Triangle acts got their start at Tom Teachout’s open mics.

“We’re going to miss you, man,” I said.

“The phrase I’ve been using is bittersweet,” Tom said. “We really enjoyed our time here. It’s just time for a change. So this is going to be my last summer of Rock and Roll camp. We have three sessions in June and lots of interest so people need to sign up now.”

“What instruments do you teach?” I asked.

“Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, keyboards and vocals,” Tom said. “I’ve got bells for the little ones and can help kids out with violin and recorder as well.”

“How long have you been teaching music?”

“10 years in Cary,” Tom said, “and 27 years all together.”

Tom Teachout’s Last Summer Rock Camp


Tom Teachout’s Rock-N-Roll Camp is for rising Kindergarten through sixth grade students. Rockers will learn the basics of Rock-N-Roll on keyboard, guitar, drum set, vocals, bass guitar and more. Instruments provided or bring your own.


  • Camp #1: June 18-22
  • Camp#2: July 9-13
  • Camp #3: July 16-20


Download the application and more information info:

Contact Tom

For more info, you can email Tom Teachout at

Saying Goodbye to Tom

If you see Tom at school or around town, make sure you tell him goodbye. You can also catch Tom at Abbey Road, Cary’s open mic on Wednesday nights through June.

Rock Camp


Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

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  1. Jason Murphy
    Jason Murphy says:

    Sorry to hear Tom is leaving the area. I have always enjoyed the open mics at Abbey – he has always been encouraging to other musicians! Thanks for all his time and energy!

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