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Kids Can See 1950s Fun at Waltonwood’s Way Back Party

Cary, NC – Grandparents and grandchildren may have generational gaps between them but everyone can be united through fun. That’s why, for Waltonwood Cary Parkway’s Grandparents Day this weekend, children can experience what the residents did in their childhood for entertainment and amusement.

Games From the 1950s

To celebrate Grandparents Day, senior living community Waltonwood Cary Parkway is holding a special day on Saturday, September 8, 2018 where children who come can take part in 1950s games and activities.

“I heard people talking about how kids now are locked to their tablets and phones and don’t play outside like their grandparents did,” said Niya Stafford-Hooks, Waltonwood Cary Parkway’s marketing manager. “This will showcase how they played in their day.”

Outdoor games will include hula-hoops, hopscotch, cowboys and more, plus indoor card and board games such as Go Fish and checkers.

The celebration, called the “Way Back Party,” will also have polaroids for both residents and children to capture the day’s events.

Bridging Generational Divide

The Way Back Party includes more than just games as Stafford-Hooks said she wants to give the participants a full experience.

“The idea is to have a way for grandparents to invite their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to play games, listen to music and eat food they had when they were kids,” Stafford-Hooks said.

For food, there will be a buffet of candy from the 1950s, as well as a soda shop set up with floats, hot dogs and more.

The event is also not limited to just residents and their own grandchildren and great-grandchildren as the event is open to the public.

“It’s great if more kids come because some of our residents don’t have grandkids or they’ve grown and live out of state,” Stafford-Hooks said. “And there are some children who don’t have their grandparents either.”

The Way Back Party runs from 11 AM to 1:30 PM and includes a complimentary lunch. Waltonwood Cary Parkway is located at 750 SE Cary Pkwy.

Waltonwood Cary Parkway

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Waltonwood Cary Parkway.