2018 Election

Candidate Questionnaire: Travis Groo

Cary, NC – We are now publishing the responses to our questionnaires from candidates in the 2018 elections in Cary and Morrisville. This response comes from Travis Groo, who is running for North Carolina House District 11 as the Libertarian Party nominee.

We will be publishing more questionnaires leading up to the elections. These are in the candidates’ own words and we do not edit or alter the content in their responses aside from formatting.

Why are you running?

North Carolina is an amazing place to live, work and play, and I want to be a steward of this lifestyle for district 11. I believe we can advance freedom and liberty for the community to realize its full potential. It will be a privilege and honor to serve in North Carolina District 11. Together we can make a difference in Wake County and North Carolina.

What are your top three priorities and how will you accomplish them?

1). School Choice for maximum education opportunities:
Education should place the needs of the child first. Parents should be able to choose what school option is best for their child, if the public system isn’t working well for them. Education funds should follow the students, not the schools. 
2). Limiting regulations that hinder local businesses, and the healthcare industry:
Each person should have the right to make their own decisions on medical care by having the freedom to choose the quality of care without bureaucratic intervention, and this includes medical marijuana. When over-taxation goes away, the economy will thrive. When government regulations are in check, small businesses are empowered to succeed and create good paying jobs.
3). Choosing your own lifestyle:
This campaign is about people, not politics; which includes liberty for all. I value your right to live in whatever manner you choose, so long as you do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose. We must respect each other by understanding that we are not always going to agree on everything all of the time, and that is completely ok.

Give us a brief bio and tell us about your relevant experience

Groo has lived all across the south, and today he wants to represent Wake County, NC. Born and raised in Texas, Travis understands the value of independence and raising a family in a free society. He is a father of two, a loyal friend, and a businessman in Cary. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from the University of West Florida. He has chosen North Carolina as his home, and wants to serve his community by representing its freedoms at a state level.

Website: groo.wakeupliberty.org

Facebook: GrooForNC

Twitter: @GrooForNC

Email: groofornc@gmail.com

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