Cary Ranks Among Top Five Towns for Used Cars in State

Cary, NC – A new study on the affordability of buying a used car suggests not only is Wake County one of the better counties in North Carolina to buy a used car but Cary is one of the best municipalities state-wide, ranking third out of more than 700 towns and cities researched.

Third in the State

In a new report by, Cary ranks third for affordable used car buying in North Carolina. The average price of a used car in Cary is $372 less than the average for a used car in the entire state. The Autolist study looked at 737 municipalities in North Carolina to find these rankings.

This is the highest Cary has ranked in the study, with Cary coming in fifth in the same study just last year.

Wake County ranks eighth in North Carolina when comparing different counties for used car affordability. Cary is the most affordable town in the study in Wake County, with Raleigh coming in fifth statewide with the average price of a used car costing $266 less than the statewide average.

The only cities that ranked higher than Cary in the study are Charlotte at #1 and Huntersville at #2, with the average price of a used car costing $757 and $570 less than the statewide average respectively.

Comparing Cary to the Country

While Cary stands out in the Autolist study of North Carolina, the Autolist study takes all states into account and finds Cary is actually more expensive for a used car than the nationwide average. Cary ranks 512th in the United States, with the average used car costing $346 more than the nationwide average.

North Carolina is not a standout state for used car affordability in general, ranking 26th in the United States, which is about where the state was for the past year.

The Autolist study used both current and historic data on car prices from automotive retailers as well as car selling websites such as eBay, Edmunds, Autobytel and more.

Story by staff reports. Photos by Hal Goodtree.