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Fees Ending for Most Wake Park Activities

Wake County, NC – Readers are familiar with the various parks in Cary and Morrisville but there are popular, large parks administered by Wake County as well. Starting in 2019, it will be easier to have fun at these parks as fees for many events are ending.

Starting Tuesday, January 1, 2019, Wake County will no longer charge fees for boat rentals, bird watching, hikes, Open Space public, group and outreach programs and more at their parks.

There are exceptions to this change: camps, shelter rentals and lodge reservations will still require fees. Also, Robertson Millpond Preserve boat rentals and tours at Historic Yates Mill Park will also require fees.

There are no Wake County parks in Cary but Lake Crabtree County Park is in Morrisville and Crowder County Park is in nearby Apex. The American Tobacco Trail is also designated as a Wake County park. You can find a full list of Wake County parks online.

This change to park fees coincides with Wake County parks no longer accepting cash on site for program payments. Pre-registration for events can be found on the Wake County website.

Wake Parks

Lake Crabtree

Story by staff reports. Photos by Jessica Patrick.

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  1. pablo
    pablo says:

    There is no such thing as free, once again the taxpayers in the county will see a hike. The large influx of northerners who have ruined the states they came from are demanding free stuff like they had up north. Then, when taxes became too high, they headed south and are demanding the same stuff and will ruin the southern states as well.

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