Dog Care Business with Psychological Care Expanding to Cary

Cary, NC – For working families, finding time to care for a pet dog during the day can be difficult. A dog care business is opening its first North Carolina location in Cary to address these concerns, with a focus on understanding a dog’s psychological needs.

Understanding a Dog’s Brain

Hounds Town USA is a dog day care company, in business for more than 15 years, with locations in New York, New Jersey and now expanding across the country including Georgia, Tennessee and now North Carolina.

Hounds Town CEO Michael Gould said what separates his company from other dog care businesses is “a deep understanding of the mammalian brain” and what a dog’s mind needs.

“Dogs require a play outlet. They need to play and interact with other dogs. They need that pack experience,” Gould said.

At Hounds Town, Gould said they provide that pack experience for the dogs in their care. Gould worked as a dog handler for canine police units and lectures on the subject.

“Dogs need to socialize,” Gould said. “If not, you can have separation anxiety and dogs can chew on furniture, bark constantly, tear up the house, become territorial.”


Expanding to Cary

Hounds Town provides a number of services including overnight boarding, grooming and dog taxi but Gould said the interactive day care is the core of the business.

“From the time they come in to the time their owner picks them up, the dogs are interacting and playing and getting their exercise,” Gould said. “Then they are well behaved and they can sleep easily.”

As Hounds Town looks for new locations to grow and open in, Gould said the Cary area appealed to him because of the large number of working couples.

“You have people working and commuting five days a week, it’s a struggle to have children so it’s even harder to have a dog,” he said. “We say that with Hounds  Town, we make dog ownership possible.”

Also, Cary’s role as an “emergent suburb” as Gould described it also appealed as it means many people, all working, and many of whom will have dogs or want to have a dog.


Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Hounds Town USA.