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Saladworks Opening First Triangle Restaurants, with Focus on Cary

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Cary, NC – Saladworks has dozens of restaurants throughout the United States and internationally. The salad-based store is opening restaurants in Cary and the Triangle as it expands and modernizes.

Cary Restaurant

Coming to Cary

Saladworks CEO Patrick Sugrue said they are planning between 15 and 20 new restaurants in the Triangle, with a particular focus on Cary.

“We looked for a market with healthy eaters,” Sugrue said. “Our customer is a healthy, active person who wants food for both fuel and for enjoyment.”

Cary stands out in the Triangle, Sugrue said, because it has what he called a “great food scene.” Other factors are its population size and there are customers who have that balance of tastes he said the company looks for.

“The people here want to indulge and they want to watch their health,” Sugrue said.

Saladworks is opening its first Triangle store in Raleigh later this year and Sugrue said the first Cary stores would be open in 2020 and they are looking for additional franchisees.

“When we do well, we have a great operator who is not just a good business owner but someone who is a member of the community,” Sugrue said.

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Cary Restaurants

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Saladworks.

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  1. Lorraine Hall
    Lorraine Hall says:

    All of these specialty restaurants are for the birds. Feed us a rural food…not squirrel snacks.

  2. Marie Garrafa
    Marie Garrafa says:

    I’m waiting to check it is good or not because I tried the other day diced and I don’t like it.

  3. Claudia Wright
    Claudia Wright says:

    I miss the chain that faded years ago that some may remember “Lettuce Souprise You”. Was big in Atlanta back in the day.

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