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New Cary Business Pairs Weight-Loss Programs with Personalized Coaching

Cary, NC – Profile by Sanford is opening two locations in Cary, with programs and guidance to help people with weight loss, pairing them with coaches and personalized plans that take into account lifestyle, schedules and family history.

Cary Business

Food and meals provided by Profile by Sanford

Personalized Health

Profile by Sanford is now open in Shoppes at Kildaire on Kildaire Farm Road in Cary, and is opening a second location in Amberly Place on Sembler Lane in West Cary on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

Profile, which is backed by healthcare system Sanford Health, pairs clients with fitness and nutrition experts to address weight loss goals, and local owner Alvin Welton said most of their clients come to them after trying other programs and diets that have not worked.

“After we start our clients on a new program, they tell us they couldn’t believe how easy it is to make the transition,” Welton said.

Profile manager Ashley Stokes said people who come to their store are sometimes just looking for advice on what to eat or trying to learn what the best next action for them would be. For people who are ready to start with Profile, they get a one-year membership, which includes one-on-one coaching, consultation, a scale that measures a number of vital statistics such as muscle mass, hydration and body fat percentage. Profile also sells its own health food and pre-prepared meals and Stokes said membership also gets clients a discount on these.

“We make it a lifestyle, not a temporary diet,” Stokes said. “Our coaches sit down with our members and ask, ‘What do we need to do to achieve this plan?'”

Plans at Profile can also factor in a number of lifestyle and health needs, including plans for new parents and plans for diabetics, all tested out by Sanford Health. They can also do tests on clients to look at their genes and metabolism to see what kind of food and exercise would work best with them.

“Losing weight isn’t one-size-fits-all,” Welton said.

Cary Business

One of the offices where clients meet with a coach one-on-one

Coaching and Lifestyle

At Sanford, clients start off meeting with a coach to learn the best protocol for them. Not only does working with a coach give clients ideas on best practices for exercise and nutrition, but Stokes said a coach can help personalize their program over time.

“The coach finds how to adjust to their needs and schedule,” Stokes said. “Maybe if your work doesn’t let you exercise every day, your coach can come up with a schedule to do for the week.”

Through talking with coaches, Welton said clients can also find how they can adjust their lifestyle to match their weight loss goals.

“Nutrition is about 80 percent of weight loss. Activity and lifestyle is the rest. Stress, lack of sleep, toxic relationships – these can all be part of why a person isn’t meeting their goals,” Welton said. “Our coaches are certified and have to maintain their CE credits, so they’re always learning.”

Stokes said clients who meet with coaches 20 times a year have better results and these meetings often get to these deeper lifestyle questions and don’t solely focus on diet and exercise.

“They may talk about their kids or their family. We want to know our members’ lives on a deeper level, because that helps us understand their needs,” Stokes said.

Also, through the scales Profile provides to its clients, coaches are able to track progress.

Stokes also said the Cary stores will have events open to both clients and their friends, including yoga classes, cooking classes and more.

Profile by Sanford is now open at 155 SE Cary Pkwy and will be open at 340 Sembler Ln on Saturday, June 20, 2019.

Cary Business

Story and photos by Michael Papich.