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Make This Summer Unforgettable With These Warm Weather Safety Tips

Cary, NC – Summer has arrived in Cary, and whether you’re visiting the area or a lifelong resident, there are plenty of activities to enjoy all summer long. Whether you’re relaxing at a friend’s backyard BBQ, celebrating at a wedding reception or attending an outdoor event, alcohol is often served and enjoyed.

Check out these tips for staying sober and safe this Summer, particularly during the Fourth of July and other special summer events.

Designate a Sober Driver or Consider a Rideshare

Getting a DUI or getting in an alcohol-related accident does more than putting a damper on your Summer fun. If you’re planning on drinking alcohol, always designate a sober driver or have a backup plan such as a taxi or a rideshare service such Lyft or Uber. Even if your designated driver has a few beers, they could be impaired enough to affect their driving and response time.

It’s never a good idea to drive after you’ve consumed any amount of alcohol, but it’s important to be aware of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), especially if you need to drive somewhere. This online BAC calculator can give you an accurate idea of various BACs and what you can expect (such as impairment level). Remember, 0.00 is the only safe BAC level.

Avoid Distractions While You’re Driving

Whether you’re driving around town or traveling to another city in North Carolina, always avoid driving while distracted. Never text and drive or attempt to operate your GPS or map app while driving. Distractions not only increase your risk of a preventable car accident, but you may also be less likely to see pedestrians and other motorists.

Speaking of cars, never leave your children or pets unattended in a vehicle. Remember, warm NC temperatures get even hotter in a short period. Teach your children to stay away from (and out of) cars when playing outside.

Keeping Cool and Staying Hydrated

Summers in North Carolina are unforgettable and a beautiful time to be outside, but they can also be hot and uncomfortable. All-day events such as an outdoor concert or a family-friendly festival often means braving the heat. Before you head out for the day, don’t forget to apply plenty of sunscreen, wear light clothing that’s made of a “breathable” fabric and drink adequate amounts of water.

Even if you’re attending an event where dogs or children are allowed, limit their exposure on a hot day. Pay attention to the weather and familiarize yourself with the signs of heat exposure.

Be Cautious Around Fires

Nothing ends a Summer day more perfectly than gathering around a fire pit or campfire with friends after the sun sets. If you have young children, teach them to stay away from fires (including hot grills) and always have water on hand just in case a fire gets out of control. After you put out a fire, stay around and make sure there are no embers or sparks left, as even the smallest piece can start a new fire that spreads fast, especially during a dry Summer.

Firework and sparklers safety is also important, particularly during the Fourth of July.

Fire Pit

Story by Brittany Cotton. Photos by Hal Goodtree and Chris Fithall.