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Details on Cary Regional Library, Opening This October

Cary, NC – Downtown Cary’s new library, the Cary Regional Library, is set to open October 2019. Ahead of its opening, here are some details on what to expect and how this library will be distinct from the existing Cary Community Library.

The Cary Regional Library is 26,000 square feet, not including the adjacent 600-space parking deck. Currently, according to Wake County Deputy Library Director Ann Burlingame, the library will open this October, though there is no specific date yet.

The two-story library is slated to hold between 125,000 and 175,000 books, with between 30 and 60 computer stations. By contrast, the Cary Community Library currently has around 60,000 books and fewer than 30 computer stations. In addition to more computers, the Cary Regional Library will also have its own WiFi.

Cary Library

Aside from the sheer difference in book volume, the other key difference between the two libraries is the amount of programming scheduled for the Cary Regional Library. There will be four adult-oriented programs a week, including book discussions and professional services. By contrast, there are currently no adult programs at the Cary Community Library.

The Cary Regional Library also has 14 weekly programs for children aged five and younger, four programs for children aged kindergarten through fifth grade and a weekly teen leadership program. The Cary Community Library has around six programs for children five and younger.

To facilitate this added programming, the Cary Regional Library has dedicated rooms for adult and youth events, as well as a quiet study room. Also, the Cary Regional Library has more than double the staff of the Cary Community Library, with 11 librarians and eight other staff members.

The Cary Regional Library has slightly longer hours than the Cary Community Library, opening at 9 AM on Friday and Saturday instead of 10 AM.

For the attached parking deck, there are 120 spaces for the library, 60 of which are dedicated with signage and blue marking. With the spaces dedicated with signage, two of these are for book drops, one is for book truck deliveries and two are for library maintenance crews. Spaces dedicated for library parking are designated for 30 minutes prior to opening until 30 minutes after closing.

As of right now, there are no plans for what will happen with the land the Cary Community Library sits on once the Cary Regional Library opens.

Cary Library

Story and photos by Michael Papich.

14 replies
  1. Ni
    Ni says:

    Would be nice to have a children’s play area in this new library. Really makes the library addictive for the little ones!

    • Lori Bush
      Lori Bush says:

      The parking deck will be patrolled, as the current town deck is patrolled. Also, there will be an installation of more than 30 cameras, that will be also be used to ensure the safety and security of deck users.

  2. Hannah Jung
    Hannah Jung says:

    I drive by the site everyday and am looking forward to its grand opening! I hope to spend more time there for my personal studies and reading.

  3. Marla
    Marla says:

    I continue to be impressed with and enjoy the Eva Perry Regional Library. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new library will compare; I’m expecting it will be even better, as the “next generation” library.

  4. Barry Shafer
    Barry Shafer says:

    How many close, reserved handicapped parking spaces are in the parking deck?

    What are the ADA features of the new library?

    Thank you!

    • Lori Bush
      Lori Bush says:

      From Cary staff:
      “There are a total of 14 handicap parking spaces within the deck. The majority of those spaces are concentrated on the west end of the deck (closest to the library) and all are in close proximity to the elevator. The 3rd level of the deck is the same level as the bridge connecting between the deck and the main entrance into the library. The library will have 60 parking spaces that are signed for “Library Parking Only During Library Hours”. These designated spaces are located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels of the deck on the end closest to the library.“

  5. Brent
    Brent says:

    Looking forward to opening! How will parking work? Reserved spaces for library? Reserved spaces for others? Public parking? Free or pay?

    • Mark Neill
      Mark Neill says:

      I believe that’s been answered previously, and that would be “no”.

      Expanded rest room facilities are part of the Park’s master plan.

    • Lori Bush
      Lori Bush says:

      From staff:
      “The completion of the library also means the completion of Public Restrooms on the ground level of the north side of the library building. These are public restrooms for those attending the park or events so the restrooms inside the library can be dedicated to library patrons.”

      The operational hours of the bathrooms have not yet be determined, but that information will be available soon, and will be shared.

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