Wine & Beer Column: Oktoberfest & Pumpkin Ale

Matt Young writes the Wine & Beer Column on CaryCitizen. Yard of beer photo by Club Transatlântico. Munich Oktoberfest photo by Jonas K.

Cary, NC – Autumn beers. Like so many things we eat and drink, many of the best beer styles were born out of necessity. Thank you, necessity! Read more

Beer and Wine Series: Canned Beer is Cool

Story by Matt Young. Read more in our Wine & Beer Series. Photo by Ishikawa Ken.

Cary, NC – More and more we are seeing craft beers in cans. Craft beers. IN CANS!

Read more

July 4: A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Hops

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Charlie. Read more in our Wine & Beer Series.

Cary, NC – Beer might just be the great Fourth of July beverage. Millions and millions of cans, bottles, glasses and cups will be consumed next Wednesday. But how to explain the difference in taste between a Budweiser and a Duvel Special Edition Triple? Just in time for Independence Day, here’s A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Hops. Read more

A Guide to Wheat Beers

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Kim Cofino.

Cary, NC – Wheat beers are seen everywhere these days. They are low hopped (as in “not bitter”), tasty – often banana-y, straw-colored and generally hazy gold in color. Herewith, just in time for Spring, is my guide to enjoying the pleasures of wheat beers. Read more