Photos: Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival

Cary, NC – This weekend was the 10th Annual Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival in Cary. And while wet weather bore down on Koka Booth Amphitheater on Friday, lots of locals still came out to enjoy the food and drinks in the rain and then came back in the sun on Saturday. Read more

Red Hot & Blue

Restaurants: Red Hot & Blue Returns to Cary

Red Hot & Blue

Cary, NC — If you’ve been in Cary long enough, like me, then you might remember the old Red Hot & Blue that used to reside in Waverly Place. The restaurant closed down even before Waverly’s renovation, but word has it that a new Red Hot & Blue will open there again this month. Read more

Book Review: North Carolina’s Favorite Food – Barbecue

Story by Matt Young. 

Cary-lina, NC – As any North Carolinian knows, barbecue is a noun (it’s also a religion). Barbecue is NOT the thing you grill on. It’s not something you go to. It is a cooked pig. Period. Read more